A Warm welcome to new subscribers and a warm 'welcome back' to those who have been reading this newsletter for awhile. I always look forward to writing to you.

Last week I was at a meeting of the Aging and Public Policy Institute and raised some points: that going from adulthood to elderhood is viewed as being all about 'going downhill' but it is also about new opportunities; that this life transition is called "aging' BUT children age as they go from childhood to adulthood - only no one calls it 'aging'.

One of the organizers of the meeting gave me a word, 'Aging Stereotyping'. I thought, Right on! So I put a page on the web site about this and hope to expand the ideas. (You'll find it under the ELDERHOOD tag.)

I ask for your input on this topic. What are the other pieces of 'aging stereotypes' that may not be true for all of us?

I would be glad for your ideas. The Institute of Aging and Public Policy asked me to join them as a senior scholar. This offers an opportunity to influence how we are perceived and that can affect our lives tremendously. So, your ideas are welcome!

Brain helps.

1. As I noted last month, there has been research showing that a certain form of chanting makes for improvement in those with Mild Cognitive Impairment and appears to slow the progression of Alzheimers Disease. There are now a couple pages about this on the anti-aging-articles.com web site (one includes a video teaching you the chant} Just go to the INDEX PAGE and click on Kirtan Kryia chanting.

2. Several new books about avoiding Alzheimers prescribe eating blueberries. One neurologist goes to far as to suggest eating them EVERY DAY.

Blueberries are anti-oxidation fruits and are known for their health helping qualities. (They are even recommended to those with lyme disease.). All the deep colored fruits and vegetables are especially useful but blueberries are just very special. AND you can freeze them....wash them off, let them air dry and then pop them in the freezer. Take out a handful every day. You will have them all year long and every time you eat them, you will know you are doing good for yourself.

3. Be informed. There is so much marketing about Hgh (human growth hormone) and DHEA as anti-aging supplements. Please, Please read the material on web site about these two supplements BEFORE you buy them.

Many companies have distorted an early research study. You need to know the risks before you buy. You may still decide you want to use one of these -- but please, take care of yourself and know what scientific research has found. Marketers want to sell things - they are not always concerned about your health.

OK...that is it for this month. May you find each day a new adventure. May you try one new thing, taste one new food or smile at one new person each day. It will transform you...and the world.


Note: If there are topics you would like me to cover in future newsletters or on the site, feel free to hit reply and let me know. I want to talk about the things that concern you. I love to do research. I now have the time to do it and with my new association as Senior Scholar at the Center of Aging and Public Policy at Mount Saint Mary College, I have even more resources at my disposal. Let's use them for your benefit.