April 2012

Welcome to our April edition. It has been difficult to write - just too much information on too many topics. I finally decided to drop half and put some on the web site.

I have kept a health tip from Feng Shui and a brief discussion of the topic that many are saying underlies many of the health issues for those of us over age 55.

I hope you will find this issue useful.

Feng Shui tip

1. Traditional Chinese medicine is all about energy flow. Tai Chi and Qigong are designed to keep energy flowing. Acupuncture and Acupressure remove energy blockages so energy can flow more freely through our bodies. And Feng Shui is the study and application of helpful energy flow in our homes and offices.

I have been reading books about Feng Shui for several years. One of the things that has struck me of late is the emphasis on removing clutter. Clutter, according to Feng Shui blocks the free movement of energy in our homes and workplaces. AND one of the most important places to be clutter free is the center of our homes - whatever room or space is in the center

This is the area, according to Feng Shui that governs our health energy. Removing things that block the free flow of energy in and out of that space is one of their basic recommendations. Take a look at the center of your home - are there blockages to and out of it? Does it have clutter on furniture or floor? If so, why not try some Feng Shui? Declutter this month and see how this change affects you over the next season.

Health after age 55

If you remember any part of WWII, you are part of the great unplanned experiment of the effect of chemicals on long term health. If you were born after WWII, you have been a fully engaged subject in this unplanned experiment for your whole life.


It was during WWII that chemicals first began to be pervasive in our food (margarine), our clothing (nylon) and AFTER that war the use of synthetics, chemicals in food, packaging, building materials etc. increased exponentially.

An increasing number of health practitioners are saying that because of this increase in the everyday exposure to chemicals our bodies have become increasingly toxic and this toxicity is a major source of many health conditions.

We are used to our cheicalized world and most of us just accept it as normal. That new car smell, new carpet smell, new paint smell are the chemicals venting into the air. Many of us sleep on synthetic sheets [and even put them over our heads], have shower curtains that exude PCB, use chemical laced products on our faces and under our arms etc. Now I am not saying that these things should never be used. I am saying that for many, by the time we hit 55 we are carrying a toxic overload and an increasing number of health providers are saying this is a cause of many health problems.

I could cite statistics, as these authors do, but this newsletter needs to be short so instead I'd like to offer a few practical suggestions.

Possible remedies

First. Chelation - Intravenous chelation has been shown effective for reducing toxicity, atherosclerosis etc. BUT this is always done under medical supervision (Chelating agents such as EDTA remove ALL metals - not just problematical ones. So most advisers say there needs to be oversight and replacement of necessary minerals or serious health effects can follow.)

Oral chelation - Many companies are selling oral EDTA formulas. I have been reading the literature about EDTA for some years and have NOT yet found published scientific studies showing ORAL administration of EDTA being effective.

Now, by law I can not give medical advice. But I can say that if I were considering EDTA therapy in any form, I would consult a reputable health care provider who understands the process. And I would make sure that this health care provider oversaw its administration and oversaw (monitored) my levels of necessary minerals during the process.

Other ideas

Our skin, kidneys and liver are our primary organs for detoxification. Here are a few suggestions. You may have read them before. But the key is, Are you doing any of them?

Skin - working up a sweat and the use of saunas are two classic ways for detoxifying. (If you have ANY medical condition - PLEASE check with your health care provider before using a sauna or starting a vigorous exercise program.) .

Kidneys - one of the most effective things is to find a source of pure water and drink enough each day. (We have heard about drinking enough water since we were in our teens. But few do it - instead they drink caffeinated beverages which actually INCREASES the need for water.)

- AND -

Do you know the condition of the water coming from your kitchen faucet? Remember pipes can leach chemicals. And wells, if you have one, can pick up contaminants from run off. There are companies that do such testing. And you can specify that you want to know what chemicals are in the water...not just bacteria count.

Some people no longer drink the water coming from their taps. Instead they use bottled water. But if the bottled water comes in plastic or cans, BPA, a known carcinogen, can be in the plastic or the lining of the cans. I recently called the manufacturer of some of my favorite canned food and learned that "Yes, BPA is in all our cans". I stopped buying. Why ingest a carcinogen if I do not have to?

So what can you do? An increasing number of households are installing a water filter for their drinking and cooking faucets. If you are considering one, please do a bit of research (Consumer Reports, Internet evaluation sites). You should be able to find an effective water filter at a price you can afford.

Then drink sufficient water each day - (you have heard: 8 - 10 glasses since you were a kid. But few people do it AND if you drink caffeinated beverages most health care advisers say you need 2 glasses to make up for each glass of caffeinated beverage)

OK....pure water. What else? Well there are many things but one of the easiest is food:

Dandelions, including dandelion tea is a classic way to support and detox your kidneys. (Of course you want organic dandelion and dandelion tea - you do not want to be adding more chemicals via a supposed cure. Also Traditional Chinese Medicine advises that asparagus is also helpful. There are other supplements and foods that help but I am trying to keep this newsletter short so they will go on the web site over the next month.


Next- Your Liver- Our liver processes and detoxifies everything - including the drugs we take. Sometimes we forget that and more than one person has wound up in the hospital because they took an excess of over the counter medications or combined over the counter medications with prescribed medication. (This is especially true with pain medications.)

But what of detoxifying?

Beet juice is a great detoxifier. Organic beets, that is. If you have a juicer, start with a small part of a beet eg. 1/4 of a regular organic beet. Add water if you like to make it more palatable - or a bit of fresh celery juice.

If you start by drinking too large a dose of beet juice, you may find as I did, that it comes right back up! Opps. Do not go too fast with detoxification.

Organic raw beet juice.....fresh raw organic beet [add some to a salad] will over time help detox your liver. But again, be careful - with beets, slow but sure is the way to go.

There are so many more things I could suggest .....there arE whole books on thIS subject. But what is interesting if that our bodies are so resilient. They do respond to reduction in their chemical load. Avoid more chemical exposure if you can - Detox slowly and over time you should find a real improvement in health, energy and even mood.

To your health and joy. We know that growing old, like every other stage of life, is an adventure... and what we bring to it usually determines how we feel about it. May you find some joy in each day's lessons - even the challenging ones.

Thanks for reading this far.