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Ageless Aging April 2018 News
April 27, 2018

Good day to you.

May is just around the corner and I am excited to be writing you. Why? So much new research being published. Businesses are finally realizing that persons past age 50 form a vibrant, almost untapped market and more adults have begun to view their older years as 'opportunity'. So, I have decided to really concentrate on your web site for the next few months. .

Senior poets. 23 persons have uploaded their poems to the site. If you write poetry, I invite you to add one of your poems. It is really easy to do. Here is a link to the page where you can put your poem on the FORM at the end

AND if you have published a book of poetry, add the title to the end of your submission page and I can help publicize it. .

Senior artists. Nine of you have uploaded images of your art work to the site. Nice. If you want to add yours, just go to the anti- aging-articles site and click on Senior Artists. You will find directions for uploading images of your work there. , Photography. Next month there will be a special section about photography on the site and a place for you to upload examples of your work.

What of our future?

Those of you who read this newsletter are very special to me. I really want to make the web site to fit what YOU want. So, since I am updating and revising the site, what would YOU like it to cover. .

Are their topics you want to read about? Examples: More about Health? - Longevity research? - Money/Income? - Senior travel?

Would you like more pages where you can share your own ideas/opinions? Really...'the sky is the limit' as they say. The site is going to be rebuilt from the ground up AND I want it to offer you what you would like. So, yes, I need your opinions. And I thank you in advance. Just hit 'reply' and let me know. Thanks.


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