First I want to welcome all new subscribers to this newsletter AND I want to thank long term subscribers for their patience while I was off line taking care of some health issues.

There are so many things on my 'back burner' that I am not sure what to write this month. So I went back to the old adage - become 'healthy, wealthy and wise' for my headings.

HEALTHY. If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with bone loss, Ostepenia or Osteoporosis, I would suggest that you check out This is a web site that covers ALL the causes and the possible treatments, both medical and natural used throughout the world. ALL the information is based on scientific studies and it is updated regularly. It even provides information about the pharmaceutical drug available in the EU (but can be bought as a natural treatment in Australia, Canada and the United States.). The site and its newsletter is read by a number of health care professionals. I know about this site because it is the first web site I created some years ago. I get emails from readers saying they have reversed their bone loss. Take a look:

WEALTHY. Inflation is coming. World food prices have gone up over 14% this year. As a result many with low incomes are spending half their income on food. But inflation is a great danger to anyone on fixed income. I recall the great inflation of the President Carter years and seeing a good friend who was left 'well off' by her physician husband trying to 'dust off her resume' at age 80 because she could not live on that income any more.

I am so concerned about this that I am going to add a section to the web site called MONEY. It will give information about how to increase income after retirement, how to get more for your money, how to spend less but get more. If YOU have tips for this new section, please pass them along to me by hitting 'reply' to this message.

WISE. There are increasing number of studies showing that seniors who do brain exercises daily for 10 days or more not only increase their memory and thinking in the short term but they keep those benefits for several years. LUMINOSITY is one company that offers these programs. There is a link on the PRODUCTS link of the web site.

But wisdom is not just about ourselves. It is about 'telling stories' of how people can come through difficult times. Here is special place for elders. Telling stories that enlighten and encourage. When I was flying back to the USA last November, a young man from Texas was sitting next to me. We got talking - in part because I was not watching the movie. He offered a mint, I accepted that soon a conversation started. He told me that his grandmother used to sit on her front porch and she knew all the teens that her small Texas town. She talked with them, encouraged them, offered comfort, gave advice. He said that their town had no 'teen problem' until about a year after she passed.

But it is not just the young who need to hear stories of 'getting through...learning forgiveness...celebrating joys'. so,too, do other elders. Have you considered trying a 'story' night or afternoon with your friends or your meeting group? Have you asked friends or acquaintances to share their stories? I ask this because I know that in these last few months I have gained so much from friends and acquaintances who shared some of their stories about getting through illness, treatments etc. I never really asked people to tell their stories before but I found it inspiring and helpful.

But it is not just for elders....asking a grandchild or great grandchild to tell their story is a gift. It is one of the time honored roles of ask and to affirm and to tell relevant stories in return. "Ah, yes, that is hard --- how hard I found it when I was in 4th grade....." and tell a short story to inspire, give courage and let children know they are NOT alone.

So that it is for this month...a tip for health, a promise for wealth and some encouragement about sharing live wisdom.

A short message...I hope to be back to norm by next month.