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Ageless Aging - August 2013
August 02, 2013

This month's newsletter comes a bit late. At the end of July I turned 78 and I've spent more time celebrating than usual. (Grin) .

One of the things I've realized is that I am smack dab in the midst Stage 2 of Elderhood....and it is a good place to be. Oh, my transition out of Stage 1 was as bumpy as most transition [think adolescence] But now I am here, it is a great place to be.

Boomers - Stage 1 Elders

The large generation born after WWII is reaching what has traditionally been called 'senior years', 'old age', 'Stage 1 Elders". And they approach those years in very different way from those just ahead of them (That small generation born between the end of the depression and the end of WWII - those in their '70 to early-80s).


The Pacific Standard Newspaper has an upbeat article that should be of real interest to Boomers (and their parents). About half way into the article there is a paragraph showing how boomers are in a very different position coming to Elderhood than the cohort just ahead of them (those now entering or are in Stage 2 of Elderhood) .

If you are a boomer...or if you know some, I suggest that you read the article. It explains some of the challenges facing this cohort and shows one solution of the NEW OLD AGE. (If this link is not clickable, just copy and paste it into your browser.)


Back in my 50s I went through some life changes that left me sort of 'starting over'. Most of my friends were well established socially and economically. I was not. I began reading many of the classic 'self help', 'pull yourself by your bootstraps' books. And I found that most of the classics suggested creating a MASTERMIND group....people already doing what you want to attain. In someways those authors became my 'mastermind group' and I reread those classics every few years. .

Now I am stage 2 of Elderhood and I realize that I have found ways to have a new MASTERMIND group - persons ahead of me in the aging cycle who I can learn from. One elder I see maybe once a year but we speak on the phone a few other times. As she talks about her life, I get glimpses of what may be coming as well as some ways of adjusting. Others live closer and we go to lunch or tea once in awhile. I always leave enriched from our time together. .

It is odd. Research has show that women in their first pregnancies gain so much when mentored by others who have already given birth. And so their are groups for expectant mothers. There are also groups for those newly diagnosed with heart disease and many other medical conditions. There are entrepreneur incubators, retired senior corps to advise business persons. Why is it not the case that those in the earlier stages of elderhood could learn from those ahead. True - society tends to look down on the old and we have been taught that they have little to teach us BUT that is mere prejudice. .

Suggestion - if you want to learn, do cultivate some friends at least 10 -12 years older than you are......and LISTEN to them. You might even formalize it and ask them to be a mentor. Then meet for lunch a couple times a year and ask them what they can tell/teach you. Of course you only do this if you want to learn....want to hear some ideas you might not have considered already. . And for the elders, many will feel well rewarded since you will allow them to fulfill one of the traditional roles of elders.....telling the stories , sharing ideas that can prepare us...teach us how to navigate the river as we approach the Sea.


That's it for this month. Thanks for reading. If you have questions you want me to research or suggestions for me to consider, KNOW THAT I AM GLAD TO GET THEM.

Be well, be happy - enjoy something special each day. Oh, and if you have a pet, give it a special pat or stroke from me.


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