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Ageless Aging news - August
August 11, 2014

Have you checked out the moon lately? People around the world are enjoying what is known as a 'SUPERMOON' - the moon is closer to the earth than usual. Sunday was the closest and so the largest but it is still large by any standard.

A free, inspiring event no matter where you live. Enjoy!

Wondering - how stimulating

I find myself becoming more and more curious about things as I age ---- wondering if simple things might work ---- and I guess I think that you, too, might wonder about such things too.


Wondering is one thing we get better at after age 60! .. ."I wonder if the room would look better is I moved the bookcase?" "I wonder if I can still dance the Shoddish? or if I could learn the Moulala? (Check them out on youtube if they are unfamiliar)

One woman I know keeps a list in the kitchen and adds to it regularly [and crosses off the things for which she has found the answer ]

Remember: Wondering is a sign of life! And it is an activity often done by the young... the old.... and most creative geniuses.

Stroking is life enhancing

Stroking clams and enlivens. Lightly stroking your arms, your legs, even your torso can be life enhancing.

In many cultures there are special forms of stroking/massage done for elders. It calms those who feel agitated AND enlivens, nurtures a sense of well being. This is one of those life giving things we can do for ourselves....or for someone not able to communicate much.

Take a few minutes to stroke your arm. Begin at the wrist and stroke upwards. Use the lightest of touch. Then go back down to the wrist. Which felt better? That is the one to use. Try it once a day for a week - when you turn off the computer....or mid-afternoon before fixing supper. Just one week and you will know if you have found something to comfort and cheer your days.

If you are worried about something, a bit uptight, 'ticked off' or in pain, try stroking. You may be amazed at its good effect. And remember, the lightest touch is always best.

Who do you want to be?

Finally, and maybe most importantly: what kind of old person do you want to be?

Really. Think about it. We become what ever we practice each day.

We can practice in our minds. And it will change us. (Researches have found the practicing a skill in imagination is even more effective than practicing it physically. Believe it or not. The first studies were done in sports: basketball foul shooting)

So..... Practice forgiveness - see the person in your mind's eye. Now forgive them. Do this often enough and you will really forgive them.

Practice feeling happy. Believe it or not, research shows that if you pretend you are happy, you will start feeling happy. ......................................................

OK. That is it for this month. If you try any of these things and would like to let me know how they worked for you, feel free to save the post and hit 'reply'and I shall get your message.

Wishing you all the best.... Kate

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