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Ageless Aging August 2016
August 11, 2016


August....hazy, hot and humid here in New York. At the same time readers in Australia are in the midst of winter. Writing this newsletter has taught me much - especially the great variety of persons and communities through out the world.

Blessed is ....

Blessed is the child, the adult and the community with access to persons who have Elder wisdom - persons who can recognize a future harvest when watching a seed break apart and die; persons who realizes it takes years of practice to draw an accurate circle freehand; persons who are free enough to dance each day, to sing in the shower, and find humor in ordinary events of life.

1.If you need an example of the former, read books by (or go to YouTube ) for Tich Naht Han.

2. If you want to find some one who can teach you that EVERY human event holds a seed of humor, then go to Youtube for Jeanne Robertson . Here is one:

3. Finally, there are so many youtube videos about elders who are centenarians. (I try to watch a one or two each month.) They give me hope AND they show me that these elders are more individual than most of the adults I know.

PLEASE: If you find a really good article or a video about Elders or the issues of Elderhood, DO send me the url.

I am starting to update OUR web site and I would like to include more videos - so the site is not just text. (I thank you in advance.) .

Be well. Be happy. Find something beautiful each day - for your souls sake.


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