Well we are into a new year. Tragedies abound. At the same time there is great compassion and heroic generosity. My hope for all of us elders is that we can find ways to increase the generosity and good will in the world. That has been one of the traditional roles of maturity. The world needs us to take leadership here.

This month there are 3 short pieces of Ageless Aging news:

1.If you visit the web site you will find that I finally got the material about cholesterol - both how to improve 'good cholesterol' and reduce 'bad cholesterol' on the HEALTH section.

2. I have also revised and added to the RETIREMENT section - Lots of new things here - including a number of pages about learning activities, going to college, earning credits by examination etc.. I added these things about education because the over 58 age group is one of the fastest growing groups attending college. Amazing! But it makes sense, doesn't it?

Also for those of you already attending college or who have grandchildren who are, there is a new company that will RENT college text books to students. (This could save hundreds of dollars a year since many texts books cost over $90 each.) There is a link to this company at:


3. Something new on the web site. If you go to the page about Elderhood, you will find a new form at the end of the page which makes it possible for you or other readers to contribute a short article on the topic.

This same form is on the FASHION page. I encourage you to contribute your ideas and knowledge. Readers of this newsletter know so many things that would be worth sharing.

If you like this idea and want to suggest another page on the site where I should place this form, please let me know. Replying to this newsletter is one way of letting me know such things.

A short newsletter this month. I promise something more substantial for next month - been so busy shoveling snow and clearing ice and researching info about college after age 60 that I did not get too much else done.

Be well. And I hope you are 'dancing in the kitchen' each day especially if you can not get out to walk. Dancing is as good an exercise as walking or jogging.

Again, if there is a topic you want me to research, do let me know. I want this site to be what you want or need.