Welcome to 2011! May it be one of your very best so far.

1. A few months ago I wrote of about using turmeric, the Indian spice, for my old arthritic dog. He is still chugging away....I now give him 2 caps of 1,120 mg a day (He weighs about 125 lbs).

Recent research has uncovered the substance in turmeric that appears to be neuro protective.

Background. It has long been observed that people in India, where turmeric is used extensively in daily meals, experience very little of the neurocognitive ills that beset much of the rest of the world. (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease etc.) Last month it was reported that a researcher appears to have located the substance(s) in turmeric that causes this neuro protection.

Probably some large drug company will now isolate the substance, create a synthetic form that can be patented and conduct the double blind studies necessary to prove effectiveness - just as they have done for other natural substances such as Strontium [for Osteopenia, Osteoporosis].

Meantime many people are adding turmeric to their diet. You can buy it in capsule form - if you are not into eating curry every day.

2. Updates for Anti-Aging-Articles.com.

A. Trudy Albert has a beauty parlor business in Quebec. She sent a long email about the importance of hair and nail care for those who do not get out on their own very much. Very persuasive.

I was impressed and so I am putting her piece on the web site along with her business name and address. If there are other beauticians who offer in home services for elders or the disabled, do encourage them to fill out the form on that page and I will list their businesses also.... no charge to them...just a service for those who might be interested. Could make a wonderful gift.

B. Carole P. responded to the newsletter stating that we can 'bring ourselves back' from physical and cognitive declines. Here is part of her post:

Dear Kate,   I am not an expert but I can relate my experience which I think reinforces your research.  I began reading a series of complex works by author Dorothy Dunnett last year.  I am an avid reader but I found the reading complex and difficult.

  I persevered, went back and reread Book #1 a couple of times, and began taking detailed notes.  The more I persevered the more I wanted to continue studying her works.  "Something" changed in my brain, I don't know what to call it but it feels like an expansion or awareness and desire for more study to the point that I read and reread five more of her books and filled up small yellow legal pads with notes. I would now like to start reading the (OED) Oxford English Dictionary  (when I can find one within my budget.)   Whatever it is and how ever it is explained, I am thankful for it.  It is exciting and it enriches my life.  I will be 71 soon.   Carole

FINAL COMMENT. As I read the newest books and articles about aging I grow convinced that you and I have greater practical knowledge about these elder years than many published authors!

So I invite you to share your thoughts, experience. You can just hit 'reply' to any newsletter and I will get your post.

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