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Ageless Aging January 2022 News
January 06, 2022
Dear Readers,

Welcome to your first newsletter of 2022. I am glad to announce that this will be a year of change for the anti-aging-articles site..

My goal for 2022 is to encourage and allow you greater participation in deciding the content of the site. Up until now I have used a program to learn what topics are most of searched on search engines. Then I check how many web sites already address each of those topics (ie. how competitive good search engine placement will be). Next I chose the specific topics for our site, do the appropriate research and finally publish a page on our anti-aging-articles site.

New for 2022

Over the last few months, I have decided to try to make the anti-aging-articles web site more focused on the concerns of you, who actually use this web site..

#1. I want to know what topics you want to see on the Anti-aging-articles web site. If you have interest in a topic, you can request it. I will research your topic and put up a page..

Up til now I have used a program that list the topics searched for on major search engines. But it seems to me that your telling me what topics you want, should make the site better geared to your specific interests about aging, anti-aging and elderhood..

How will we do this? If you 'reply' to any issue of this newsletter, I will get the message you send.Starting today I invite you to tell me 1 or 2 topics you would like me to include on the site. .

I shall make a list of topics I receive and start researching those with the most requests. Then I shall add new pages to cover the topics you choose. This may take time but eventually I shall cover EVERY topic you request..

Finally. Starting today I shall begin adding a Form for comments on EVERY page of the web site. This will allow you to either ask questions or provide comment in the ideas covered on that page. I will either add a section to that page or I shall address your question in an edition ofthis Newsletter. .

IMPORTANT. The same form will be used on each page, so you need to let me know which page you are commenting on. You can do this by putting the url (web address) of the page at the beginning of your comment or you can type the Title of the page the beginning of you comment..

OK. Two big changes that should make the web sitemore responsive to your interested..

Be well. Stay safe. And may you sing or dance each and every morning..


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