Welcome to our Jan 2012 issue

Welcome to all new subscribers and welcome back to regular readers. May 2012 be your best year yet!

Can you tell me?

I have learned so much from readers of this newsletter and visitors to the anti-aging-articles.com web site. When I started this site I assumed that readers would be seeking solid articles about longevity, brain and memory....and perhaps a bit about life in retirement.

But it turns out that I was wrong. For the last few months the most visited pages on the site are those about fashion, hair styles, scholarships for older persons and quotations about retirement! So much for my expectations....

Now I want to offer you what you want or need. So if you can think of topics you would like me to include in future newsletters or on the web site do let me know. All you have to do it hit REPLY to this issue and I will get your email with your ideas and suggestions.

I am aware that the site has visitors from around the world. Most come from the United States, Canada and Great Britain. But the Russian Federation,, Australia and China are not far behind. Greece, India and 'others' or 'unknown' make up the rest. I WANT to provide information that you will find meaningful. Please let me know.

Last issue was another aspect of Elderhood. Other issues have included health, longevity research as well as practical tips. What would YOU like to see? Just hit reply and let me know. It is not likely that I can reply to each email BUT I will read them And I will make an effort to include the sort of material you want in future newsletters.

New section to be added to the web site

I am planning to add a new section to the web site: Health. I was inspired to do this by the deluge of mail I receive from companies selling this or that supplement. All make vivid cases that their product will change my life for the better. BUT few of them give ANY scientific studies to support their claims. And when I read the relevant research I find that many of their products do not have enough of the substances to really make a difference. These companies are just making money off our hopes and desires.

There are studies that show that certain herbs or supplements do have benefits. But I hate it when seniors (or anyone else) can be taken in by clever marketing for a product that does not contain sufficient quantities. (I once took a course about how to write those mail order marketing brochures. There is a specific format or formula that has been shown to sell more product, no matter how good or poor the product is. That is why I am ardent about looking for research for any and all claims.)

I figure that if I can provide information about what substances have been shown to be effective AND how much of each is needed to be effective, that may make a difference. With such information in hand, you will be able to be a more informed consumer.


This month let me mention Bacopa. (Bacopa monnieri, sometimes called Coastal Waterhyssop, Brahmi, Thyme-leafed gratiola, Water hyssop)

There is some solid research showing that this herb, long used in India, does have positive effects on thought and memory. In traditional Ayurvedic medicine Bacopa has been used as a treatment for epilepsy and asthma. But recent studies have shown its effectiveness in bringing greater clarity in thought and increased memory capacity.

(I expect to have a page on the web site within a week summarizing some of the studies, giving dosages and a few cautions about using this herb.)

But is this the sort of thing YOU want to read? Or should I be spending more time on leisure activities or vacations? Or do you want to know about international volunteer activities or educational opportunities? What of the reflections about this great 3rd stage of life - Elderhood? I want this newsletter and the web site to provide you with the sorts of things YOU want. You would do me.....and others a great favor if you would drop me a line telling me what would interest you (or what you do NOT WANT to be reading.)

Thanks. And may 2012 be your best year yet!!!