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Ageless Aging - Jan 2013
January 10, 2013


First, welcome to all our new readers and a warm welcome to the 'regulars'. It is a joy to write to you each month. .


HEALTH- Flu seasoN has arrived. Remember that Olive leaf is an anti-viral. (It has also been shows to stimulate bone density.) During flu season I often take 2 caps after each meal. (I buy organic by the bag at Kaylx since I trust their quality and like their prices.) - scroll down the page to Herbs, Supplements.

If you already have the flu, A scientist IN Israel found that Elderberry helps. SambucoL is the brand they used.


A number of companies have upped their marketing of annuities to seniors. An annual payout of over 6% seems attractive when banks are paying low, low rates. But do be careful. Inflation can spike rather quickly. In the 1970s inflation in the US was over 12% and those on fixed rate annuities really suffered. .

So, it is a balancing act. How long do you expect you'll live? Of course we can not be sure but remember that is cost of living goes up by 8% and you are getting 3%, you will be getting poorer each year. If you ARE interested in an annuity, do look into Charitable Gift annuities. You get an amount, sometimes as low as $5, a Charity for a charitable annuity.


A % of your donation is tax deductible AND a percent of each year's income is tax free. Again, get the numbers from the charity before you commit yourself (AND you might want to ask who runs their program so you can figure out how 'safe' your annuity will be.) .

As with ALL annuities if the company handling the annuity funds goes bankrupt, you income will be affected.


WISE - Just as there are stages to childhood development and adult development, so too those in elderhood seem to go through stages. The first stage often focuses on trying new things. For some people it is the arts, for others it is having a business for the first time. Homebodies take a trip, learn a new skill, take up a hobby etc. .

In later stages of elderhood there seems to be more emphasis on sharing skills, reaching out, giving a hand to those who need. Elders who enjoyed success in school, often find ways to tutor. Others share business advice ortake up visiting shut ins, prisoners, old age homes. And for the last 15 years or so many seniors have become volunteers in overseas organizations. In the United States, for example, those over age 65 now make up a large part of Peace Corps volunteers.

A simple web search for VOLUNTEER PROGRAM ABROAD (or add SENIORS to the search term so you will eliminate programs that have age limits.) One of the things I find interesting is how many places are looking for teachers of English - some express preference for British English, or North American English. Some require ESL training but you can get that online. ESL training online or ESL training online free will bring up man results. .

Too old? Well, if your health means you need to be tethered to local medical care, maybe volunteering abroad is not for you. BUT age is no deterrent. Bernard “Bernie” Cheriff, of New York one of the oldest Peace Corps volunteers, completed 27 months of Peace Corps service in Ukraine at 81. .

Think about it. One of the characteristics of Elderhood - is nurturing others, sharing ones skills and experience. AND it will be the experience of a life time. Something brand new!

Oh, and if you already volunteer, I would be glad to hear about where and what you do. Just hit 'reply'. (Yes, I am collecting information, stories.)


Be well. Be happy and don't forget to sing or whistle each day. Until next month,


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