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Ageless Aging Janurary updates
January 20, 2016

January 20th. Your newsletter is a bit late this month because there are so many things to write about that I could not decide what to say. This morning I thought: just get going so I decided to open the year in a reflective mood. Next month will be scientific discoveries that can change our lives..... .

First, if you want to be encouraged, inspired or learn a few things please go to YOUTUBE. Type in a word or two and you will get a list of videos - some inspirational, others educational and yes, a few so brash you might want to move on to something else quickly.

Also, you can watch most of your favorite old TV shows - for free.


Second, we are in a special time of our lives. For our first 15 years we were dependent on others for so much. Then in our adult years we were the doers...the earners..the 'grown ups'. Now as we move into or are already in our elder years, it is our new time.

As noted above ours is a time for living and showing gratitude. If you spend a few minutes at the end of each day, remembering things for which you are grateful (Many people keep a 'gratitude journal') - after awhile you will find yourself happier than at any time in your life.

What is interesting is that this works no matter how challenging life may be. Whether you live in pain, with depression, with angst over money or health or estranged relationships, a daily recall of things for which you are grateful really helps. .

Third, one of the traditional roles of elders in society have been that of mentor, supportive listener, guide. If you do not know any organization in your community where your services would be useful, you might want to look at or some of the other web sites that list volunteer opportunities.

We are in a position to make a real impact on our communities no matter where we live and no matter what our physical skills are right now. And one of the greatest impacts we can make is the kind of person we are/become.

1. Elders who embody Gratitude are a joy to be around. They remember to thank everyone. They wake up thanking for the new day, for its challenges and its potential joys - for just being alive, for breakfast. You know there rest... Have you ever known a truly grateful person? It is a transformative experience. You could be or become such a person. It just takes practice. .

2. Others embody an openness to new things. They troll YouTube and the Internet. They read about the latest inventions. They are so up on self driving cars and drones that they put me to shame. .

I do not want to bore you with more and more examples. If you already have a 'life quest', a positive way of being in the world I thank you. We need you. If you have not yet found your 'old age niche', I would like to encourage you to begin searching. (Even if you are still working, you can begin. Having such a niche, will make your first years of retirement so much easier.)

. Attitude is the one thing under our control. And attitude take practice. My question to you this month is: what kind of old person do you want to be? And what are you doing or will you do to become that sort of person?

Thanks for reading. And if you want to share any ideas about this newsletter, just hit 'reply' and I will get your post....and I shall try to respond....though if over a thousand come, it could take me awhile.

Remember this is the only life we will have. I hope we can all take control of our attitude about it - since that is about the only thing really under our total control.

Until next month - Kate

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