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Ageless Aging news - July
July 19, 2014

July - here in the Hudson Valley (USA) it is a hot and muggy. But writing this newsletter reminds me that for some of you, it is now mid-winter and you have the heat on most nights. The Internet is such a marvelous thing. It forces us to think globally.

Celebrate changes in your life

I have been 'reading up a storm' and thinking a lot about how things change as we grow older. Psychologist nearly all agree that we grow more 'individual', more unique as we age. And yet so many of those who deal with persons over age 60, treat us as though we are all the same. .

So this month I would like to encourage you to do a quick review of how well your 'look' communicates your UNIQUE personhood. .

Dress - Adulthood is marked by wearing the uniform of our job or place in life. But elderhood is a time to show our personal uniqueness. It is time to leave the uniform or occupation, social status behind. .

So let me ask you. Have you embraced this elderhood freedom of dress yet? Do you wear your favorite colors? (OK if you really love flaming orange, it is not likely you will find a suit or dress (unless you are into wearing Hazmat uniform). But a scarf, a tie, a belt or pin are all appropriate. And what of your style? .

Dale Evans, the wife of American cowboy Roy Rogers, developed a whole clothing line built around horses and ranch life. You can find it on the Internet.

But what about you?

Who are you? What do your like/love? Have you become engrossed in art? Do you celebrate your military service? Or want keep an identity with your profession? What colors would you 'just love to wear'? .

One of the great benefits of turning 60 is social freedom - especially in dress. Teens all need to look alike and adults we are constrained by the dress of their work roles. But we are past all that. All we need to do is give permission to let our clothes show who we are NOW. .

Scary? Many find it so. They are still bound by the social conformity of adulthood. If that is you, start small. Buy one thing that really expresses who you are. Try it out. Wear it around the house at first. But soon enough you will begin wearing this and other outfits that are congruent with your elder spirit. And by dong so you will join the fashion revolution of our times. Elders freed from old fashioned clothes! Inspire others. (Oh, and consider uploading a picture and a comment on the Fashion page form.)

Another action for a revolutionary summer

I know that most of you reading this newsletter really believe in 'the new old age'. I also know that many of you read a lot. You know some books about being older that YOU WOULD RECOMMEND TO ANYONE as well as some that are just NOT worth reading. .

Will you share? There is ANTI-AGING BOOKS page on the web site. Scroll down the page and you will find a section where you can share a book title and your opinion about that book. .

There are not many places where we can get suggestions of a 'good read' for our age group. So let's do it ourselves! And of course you get credit as the author of your review since you sign it. .

I thank each of you willing to share your knowledge with others who use the site.

Be well. Be happy. Until next month....


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