June already! First I want to offer a warm welcome all NEW subscribers and welcome back those who have been reading this newsletter for awhile. This month there are 4 short pieces. .

One of the things that amazes me is how many different places you live! While most visitors to web site come from the United States... Canada, China, Greece, and Great Britain are close behind. Next in number are readers from Ukraine, Czech Republic. Japan, Peru, Netherlands, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia, Germany, Russian Federation, Romania, Asia/Pacific Region, France, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, India, European Union, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, Sweden, Israel, Brazil, Denmark.

Truly a global community! I sometimes feel I should be asking YOU about living as an elder in your part of the world. ( And I am always glad when someone contacts me to tell me about how it is where they live.)

How old do you feel?

Recent research shows that persons 25 years of age, feel just that old. But those who are age 75 feel about 15 years younger than their real chronological age. And this, the researcher say, is a good thing. Seems that feeling younger is associated with a longer lifespan. And is a sign that you are 'making a life' for yourself. .

But of course this is true for societies that value youth! In a society that values elders, a 75 year old would feel his/her age just as a 25 year old does in a youth oriented society. (Sometimes I think that researchers miss their own assumptions.) So feeling younger than you are may simply be a sign of coping successfully with a youth orientated society! And the ability to cope is often associated with a longer lifespan. .

Where elders are valued everyone wants to get/be 'old' since it gains great respect and status. So look in the mirror each morning and say, "You are great. Just look at all you have experienced and all you have learned about life." Thus you will give yourself the respect you deserve! Be a GREAT elder.

Health tips

Many of you have said you want information about health in these newsletters. This month I share two ideas.

1. John McDougal. Long before Dean Ornish showed that heart disease can be reversed naturally or Caldwell Esselstyne of the Cleveland clinci wrote "Forks over Knives" showing that atherosclerosis can be reversed naturally, there was John McDougal. McDougal gives away a lots of information for free on his web site. http://www.drmcdougall.com/index.html .

2.Surgery. If you need surgery, you may want to check out Belaruth Naparstek's guided imagery, SUCCESSFUL SURGERY. .

Last year when I mentioned that I needed to take some time off for surgery, one of the readers of this newsletter recommend Belarth Naparstek's work. I checked it out and I was impressed by its supportive data (research at some major hospitals which showed better outcomes even after only a few uses of her guided imagery before surgery). I bought a copy, used it regularly. .

My surgeon and anesthesiologist were surprised at how well my own surgery went - they had considered me 'high risk' patient and even had a place reserved in ICU. But my surgery went far better than they anticipated. And healing went very well afterwards. (I know testimonials do not really count for much BUT I want to let you know how I learned of the program. This program DOES have scientific studies done at major teaching hospitals showing that the program makes for better outcomes, less pain and faster recovery afterwards.) .

If you want to read more about Belaruth Naparstek's SUCCESSFUL SURGERY (and even listen to a short free sample) go to


Note: I have no financial interest for suggesting this program. Only 'paying forward' a good deed that a reader did for me last May.

Author, author

Dean Hinmon is a reader of this newsletter. Each month I get a delightful cartoon calendar from him by email. Dean has recently published a book - cartoons that will tickle your funny bone. You can find a description and some examples on the SENIOR AUTHORS page. Way to go Dean.


Oh, and if you have published a book, do fill out the form on the Senior authors page. Free publicity for you...and who knows you may inspire someone else to publish their own book.

What do you know?

Finally I would like to tap into your knowledge. There are topics that interest visitors to the anti-aging-articles.com web site that I do not know much about. This month I realized that many of you have knowledge and you might be willing to share it. .

EXAMPLE: 'Best places to retire' is one of the most popular subjects. People type the phrase into SEARCH ENGINES all the time. Although I have two pages on our site with a few place I have researched, I know it is not enough. BUT I simply do not know what cities, towns or villages in the world are great for retirement living. .

So I ask you. Do you live in a city, town or village that is good for retirees? Is it place you'd recommend to someone? If so, why? .

Would you share you knowledge?? Just go to www.anti-aging-articles.com/best-retirement-places.html

At the BOTTOM of the page is a form you can fill in to tell others what makes it a great place. (If there are any downsides be sure to let people know that too. ) Oh, and the form allows you to upload a photo or two if you want. .

Now, if you prefer to send information to me by hitting REPLY to this newsletter, I will create a page from the information you send. (But I can not handle photos.) Of course you will be credited as author...unless you tell me not to do so.

Thank you in advance to anyone willing to help others looking for information on this topic.


Be well, be happy.....and thanks for reading this far.