There was no newsletter last month and this month's is a bit late. I should explain that at the end of January I had unexpected quadruple bypass surgery. But I am home now but still recovering. I started doing a bit on the computer this past weekend and thought I would like to get your newsletter to you this week.

1. Some things I have learned about Women's cardio might be of use to you so I pass along:

A. Women's heart attack symptoms are often different from those of men. eg. no crushing chest pain or pains radiating down the arm as is usually the case with men.

B. You can have a perfectly normal cardiogram and still be having a heart attack. (This amazed me!) Only the blood test to check your enzymes is completely accurate.

(I had normal cardiograms for months and even the cardiogram taken in the emergency room came out NORMAL. BUT blood tests revealed that I had a heart attack in the last 10 days and was having another heart attack right then.) I consider myself quite lucky to be alive.

2. Other topics. The most popular page on the web site is the one about FASHION for older women. The second most popular page is about going back to college in retirement. This is great! Clearly there is a 'mind shift' among us and I want to add more and even better material about these topics.

EDUCATION. Since I taught college, have served on admissions committees and know a good deal about how to get accepted into colleges and graduate schools AND how to apply for and get scholarships and fellowships (as well as other ways to pay for college and graduate school) I feel I can expand this section of the site over the next few weeks.

What I do not have is first hand knowledge of what it is like to be doing college after age 50. If you or someone you know could tell us what it is like; give hints or tips to those planning to start, I would be glad to hear from you.

FASHION. Some of you know more about choosing clothing, getting your hair styled and updating your 'look' than I ever will. If fashion is your thing, would you consider sharing some tips with us? If you can offer DOs and DON'Ts.... or give suggestions about where to shop other readers would be glad for your ideas. Write a few lines or even a full article. Send it by hitting REPLY to this email. Be sure to include your name and city, state or country so I can acknowledge your contribution.

3. MEMORY, COGNITIVE FUNCTION CAN BE IMPROVED AT ANY AGE. Do you want to improve your memory, increase your intelligence after age 35 and ensure that you will not slide into senelity in your old age? Here are two tips that scientific studies show do work.

First, walk.....park your car a few blocks short of where you are going and walk the rest of the way. Walk upstairs to improve the circulation to your brain. Walk downstairs to increase your bone density. Get a pedometer - plan to increase the number of steps you take every week for a year. If at the end of the day, you are short - put on some music and dance in the kitchen until you have reached your goal.

Walking improves your circulation, refreshed your brain, relaxes your muscles and is one of the best stress busters available. If you can not walk, while you fix supper. Do a bit of soft shoe whenever you have to wait.

The second thing to do: Every night before you go to bed, write a one page letter to your self about the activities of your day AND AT THE END include a sketch or doodle about your day. No more than one page and ALWAYS include the doodle [this integrates your wordy left brain and your imaginative right brain.

Start today. Walk or dance (you can buy your pedometer later but you want to start the walking or dancing right away) and tonight, write your letter/doodle. Do this for a week....add a second and third week. You WILL notice a difference. And in the long run your brain will be in better shape for having done these simple things- walk, write and doodle EVERY DAY.

Until next month.....