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Ageless Aging news - May
May 14, 2014

I had this month's newsletter all written, ready for proof reading (I usually wait a day. I catch more of my errors that way.) Then I came across a video by Dr. Rachel Naiomi Remen late last night. .

I was really moved. I have never experienced a talk with such a sense of love and wisdom. Dr. Remen talks about the place and importance of stories, memories in our lives and the lives of others. .

I think her talk is so special and so important for those of us who have entered our Third Great Age in well as those who are 'being with' others in these times. .

So this month, instead of a lot of my words, I offer you the url for her talk:

May you find it as helpful as I did. And yes, today I began my morning by watching it again. There is a good chance I shall do so again later.

Be well. May you experience the power of story in your own life....Often.


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