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Ageless Aging - Novemeber 2012
November 20, 2012


As you may have noticed the title of the newsletter is back to what I used to call it. Thank you to all the readers who let me know that they did not like the word 'anti aging'. It may be what the search engines like BUT you are correct, this newsletter is not against aging. .

And continuing my thanks - this Thursday those of us in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving. As I think about this year's holiday, I am aware that I am very grateful to you the readers of this newsletter. Each month I hear from some of you - sharing new directions you have taken or activities you find meaningful. It is so encouraging [and as you know I do get frustrated with the 'social stereotype' that sees older persons as only needy just because you let me know other aspects of aging}. I also think it a privilege to be able to answer some of the questions you ask. I am grateful to those using the web site. It is a wonderful thing at age 77 to still have a place to share one of my primary skills - reading and summarizing research. And finally on a practical level I grateful who use the PRODUCTS page when you shop on line at Amazon or other companies. As you know I am careful about what companies I list. I do get a small percent of things ordered from that page (Amazon pays 1% of sales) and that income not only pays for the web site but also makes a difference in my discretionary income. Hmmm That is a long thank you - but it is sincere.

Olive leaf

Olive leaf - I know that some of you take olive leaf to help with your bone density. But as we move into flu season, it is worth remembering that olive leaf has antiviral properties too. If you want to know more about Olive leaf I have a full page about it on my other my osteopenia, osteoporosis treatment web site. Here is the url:

Reversing age related immune weakening

Medical researchers have been aware for some time that our immune systems weaken as we age. (This is the reason why the virus from chicken pox which may be harbored in our bodies but never caused problems suddenly becomes active as we age and we develop shingles, a painful expression of this virus.) This age related weakening of immune function is also a reason for a rise in pneumonia, cancer etc. in older persons.


Scientists in Japan have found that Reishi mushroom can reverse this age related immune system decline. These mushrooms do several things: .

1. They promote specialization of DENDRITE CELLS and MACROPHAGES - cells that allow the body to react to new threats. .

2. They trigger growth and development of bone marrow where immune systems are born. .

3. They increase the number and function of almost all cell lines in the immune system eg. natural killer cells, antibody producing B cells and T cells.

These and other effects are believed to be the reason why Reishi mushrooms reduce the risk of infection, fight many kinds of cancer and suppress auto immune responses. In Japan Reishi mushrooms are eaten regularly. Some companies offer Reishi in supplement form. You will find these 'mushrooms of life' in your produce department or you can try supplement forms. (Information summarized from article published by Life Extension Society, winter 2012.

This newsletter comes late this month. I promise that December's issue will be sent out earlier. .

Be happy...and may your find that you are grateful for ALL the events in your life....even those that seemed difficult at the time. Thanks for reading this issue.


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