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Ageless Aging - November 2013
November 04, 2013

This may be the most important newsletter I have sent this year. Why? We want to live a long life BUT we want to keep our mind and memory intact. Concern about dementia, in particular Alzheimer's disease, often lurks in the back of our mind.


Well, about 8 weeks ago I came across a reference Melatonin as preventing the formation of plaque and tangles associated with Alzheimer's disease.

Now I knew of Melatonin as a supplement to help people sleep. I never heard of it being connected with dementia. So, I immediately began to follow up. I searched for scientific studies about melatonin and cognitive issues. I was more than surprised. Here is some of what I learned:

1. 5 mg of melatonin does indeed prevent the formation of plaque and tangles of Alzheimer's disease. Supplementation needs to be started early. One articles suggested starting as young as 47. Once the disease has started it does not appear that Melatonin can 'cure' it - though it does seem to have some positive effects on behavior such as 'sundowning" (Patients with Alzheirmers often get restless, increased movement etc towards sunset and melatonin seems to help with this.)


2. Melatonin is helpful with Mild Cognitive Impairment and in some cases even reversed the condition. .

3. Melatonin often has positive effects in the early stages of Parkinson's disease.


I found this information astounding. (Really) I do not know why it is not being broadcast by the National Alzheimer's Association. I read that for some time we have known that persons with Alzheimer's and Parkinsons disease have low levels of melatonin in their brains. These research studies seem to indicate that this is important. .

This past Sunday I read a report from Bloomberg News saying the researchers have found that persons who 'sleep poorly' - ie., only 5 to 7 hours, often restless sleep at night are much more likely to develop Alzheiemers disease. So maybe melatonin is a 'key' that we have been hoping for.


Melatonin is inexpensive. And except for a good night's sleep and perhaps some vivid dreaming there appear to be no real side effects. .

I have been telling everyone I know - especially those with relatives who have been diagnosed with Alzheimers disease about these studies. And yes, I bought myself a bottle of 5 mg of Melatonin and take one last thing at night. Final thought. If you are concerned about mad cow disease, buy one of the vegan [no meat, no diary] forms of melatonin. .

Now, you know I am not a medical provider ---- and I so I give a disclaimer about consulting with your health care provider BUT I wanted to let you know of these studies as soon as possible.

Update on the site

I enjoy reading research and I feel it a privilege to be able to share these ideas with so many of you. But I also have this web site (and one about reversing bone loss - - as a way to add to my retirement income. Until this past Spring, Google ads supplied the bulk of the income. But all things change. Many people now have ad blockers and some browsers now prevent "tracking" - and Google uses tracking to know which web site gave the 'click' for an ad. Result? - my income from ads on the web site, income which was always modest, plummeted starting last Spring.


So I ask a favor. If you shop on line (many of us do) would you go to the web site? If you scroll down to the bottom of the yellow NAVIGATION bar on the left side of the page you will see: Store/Shopping. Take a look at the listings. Why? If you order anything using the links on this page, the company will give a small per cent of the sale to this web site. (Sort of like a 'sales commission".) .

You will see Amazon at the top of the page but there are other sites too - including Hales, a Florida Company that sells HoneyBells, Oranges, Grapefrutis etc. ( Hales takes out ads in many USA newspapers during December suggesting their fruit as a good holiday gift.) You can buy Hales products from the web site AND get 10% discount off their regular prices too. (the discount code is on that web page.). There are also links to Norton Security, Expedia for booking travel etc. Now I want to add that I am careful about the companies I list - and there are some companies I will not list because I do not think their products (or prices) are good.


I realize it is an 'extra step' for you to come to this web site to do your shopping. But those of you willing to take this small extra step when buying online, should know that you are a big reason why this site continues ....and why I have the time to research and write about topics such as today's about Melatonin. .

I appreciate your taking a look at the Store/Shopping page....and then going to that page is you are going to buy something from one of those companies. (If you have suggestions of any companies I should consider checking to see if they offer affiliate prograqms, do feel free to contact me.) And thanks to each of you helping out in this way.

There I said it! I do not often do 'marketing' stuff. But I thought I would ask since the drop from Google has been so great.


Thanks in advance. And enjoy YOUR November. Yes, it is a transition month - but that is what is so exciting. We, too, are 'in transition' and nature can give us inklings of what that may be like. That's it for this month. Thanks for reading. If you have questions you want me to research ....or if you suggestions for me to consider, KNOW THAT I AM GLAD TO GET THEM.

Be well, be happy - enjoy something special each day.


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