Do you want to live forever? This just in -- a bulletin from the BBC news. Scientists are working on permanent replacement parts for your body.

It seems that researchers at Leeds University have already created a hip transplant that will last for life instead of the current 20 year expectation. They are working on similar techniques for artificial knees.

Other scientists have developed transplantable tissues that the body can incorporate as its own, eliminating problems of organ rejection. They have made heart valves with this technique.

Eventually they hope to make ligaments and tendons to replace your old and damaged ones. Artificial blood vessels are also being developed and there is some research on transplantable tissue methods for donor skin on burns patients.

For those of us interested in anti-aging topics, such research raises important questions. As this line of research expands it might be possible to bring themes from 'science fiction' into reality for our human life span, just as we have brought the 'science fiction' of visiting the moon into reality.

Would you want to live indefinitely? How long DO you want to live? What happens if the generations do not die? If this technology expands to cover more and more body parts, who should have access to it?

If you have read this far, I want to ask you to think about these things. Let me know what you think.

I am going to put a page on the site about this research. (It will have the references so you can check them.) AND I would like to add a page of 'reader responses'. If you send me your thoughts, I would be glad to include some as part of 'reader response' section.

Note: I would include your initials...if you want your full name, do give me permission to use it.