I had prepared this month's newsletter and was already to send it out when I opened my New York Times this morning and found their extensive articles about CENTENARIANS. (First of two parts).

You can access the Times online. It is in the Tuesday SCIENCE SECTION. http://www.nytimes.com/pages/health/

What is interesting is that Times even refers to the new research that shows Hispanics in the US, despite greater poverty, are living longer than some other cultural groups.. ( Topic to be discussed in a later issue of this newsletter.)

The articles are worth reading. They are encouraging and seem to 'tell aging as many of us experience it' instead of all the 'fear and trembling' that midlife authors bring to discussions. I am thinking that with a little prodding newspapers in other areas might do such a series. Surely New Yorkers are not the only centenarians! Such articles that show the positive sides of aging do a lot to raise the status of all older persons in a community. (If you get a local editor interested and they do a series, let me know and I will post a link to the article on the web site.)

Tip for conserving on heating/air conditioning. Last year I got 1 inch insulation board, cut it to fit large picture window and the door to my deck. Taped the edges with duct tape and put a few hooks along the sides of windows and doors. I pop the boards into place, pull a string from hook to hook so as to keep the board snug and VOILA. Reduced heating bills all winter (I put then in at night and take down during the day to get the sun) and this summer I found they kept the house cool when I popped them in for the time the windows/door took direct sunlight. They have paid for themselves already....so I pass the idea along. (If you have any easy-to-do tips for saving resources or adding to quality of life, do pass them along. I promise to give you full credit if I use tem.)

Invitation: the site now offers pages for both poets and artists (including photographers) to post their work. If you or a friend writes, paints, sketches or clicks please let them know.

Finally, There will be no issue next month. UNESCO invited me to participate in a meeting about women philosophers in Paris and I need to get some remarks ready. The invite came because my 'academic' web site: www.women-philosophers.com.

Later this month I shall be speaking at Bard College's series about successful aging. I hope to pick up some new ideas to share with you.

Next issue you will find information from new studies I had planned to send before I read the TIMES today. Meantime, be well and savor each day. The world needs 'appreciators'!

Thanks for reading this far.