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Anti-Aging Updates - October 2012
October 19, 2012


This newsletter comes a bit late. I had so many topics to share that I just could not pare it down to 'newsletter' size. I finally thought - just send it! So here we are. .

1. Last week I twice met women I had not seen in several years. Both are well into their eighties. As we chatted I learned how happy and engaged they are. True each has some health issues but neither expressed any desire to return to the stresses of their adult years. At one point someone said, "I never knew I would be so happy." .

I am beginning to think that just as there is a transition period between childhood and adulthood (Remember adolescence?) so too there is a transition period between adulthood and elderhood. Mine was filled with thoughts of NOT wanting to get old etc. But once the transition was made, things became so much much more fruitful. .

Yes, there are challenges BUT whether it's health or money or relationships, there comes a point when you start thinking "I have made it through so much before. I can handle this too. It is just one more thing." I am thinking that this shift in thinking may be one reason why so many books and studies about the very old show people who are basically happy and quite content with their lives. .

Practical tip

If you want to accelerate your ability to experience daily life with joy, keep a 'gratitude journal'. Every day....yes, EVERY day write 3 things for which you are grateful. .

Try it. In less than a month, you will feel a difference. It is such as easy thing....writing 3 things for which you are grateful. Try it for a month. (And if you do, I would be glad to know how it goes.)

Scientific breakthroguhs

In the last few years there have been a number of breakthroughs in the genetic basis of longevity. I have been reading this research for months and now I have started to summarize the most important breakthroughs and put them on the web site. You'll find the first of these in the LONGEVITY section of the web site. .

These are: Telomeres and a review of a supplement, TA-65, that claims to increase the length of Telomeres. Both pages are already on the site. If you are interested in life extension, do check these articles at:


I plan to add more pages about life extension in the next few months and revise the pages already there so as to bring the newest information to you.


4. I admit that am coming to an unhappy conclusion. Much of the culture celebrates adults but views old age as a terrible thing, something not to be celebrated at all. When I started this web site, I assumed that this view was not shared by those in or heading to old age.

. I put up some pages about Elderhood, and added a few pages about 'public great elders'. I also added a gizmo that would allow any reader to add a page about an elder. .

I thought long and hard before adding that gizmo because I thought I might be swamped by submissions... After all, I thought, we all know relatives, acquaintances and even local persons who are living their elder years well. Giving public acknowledgement would not only affirm the person BUT it would help others in the culture to have a better view of this third great stage of human development. .

It is now more than 2 years and no one, not one person has submitted a page about an elder they know. Could it be that even we, who are older, have accepted society's view that those who are older are not worth public acknowledgement or celebration?


IF you know someone who is doing well with their older years, I encourage you to put them on the web site. Everyone appreciates acknowledgement. But also, reading such pages might help those adults who are worried about their own approaching old age - such pages can show that elderhood, the post adult years can be meaningful and significant. I hope you will use that gizmo in the Elderhood section of web site. Surely you know someone who is worth acknowledging.

Calling all Entrepreneurs

I've been asked to put together a course about older entrepreneurs. I KNOW that some of you have created income producing businesses. Would you be willing to share what you do, how you got started and any tips you'd offer someone thinking of starting an small business after retirement?


If so, I would be REALLY glad to hear from you. Just hit reply and let me know what you have done or are doing .



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