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Ageless Aging October 2016
October 24, 2016

This newsletter is a bit late . I regret that but I have had a few health issues they slowed me down for a bit. .

Let's think about what is happening. Anti-Aging is becoming a favorite topic for researchers. I wend my way through soooo many newly published studies. As a result, I have revised many articles and have begun adding new pages to the Anti-Aging-Articles web site. Why? I want to be sure you have all the latest research.

Blessed is ....

'Anti-aging' has become a marketing bonanza - especially for bulk mail companies. Some years ago I took a course on 'how to write effective marketing letters, brochures' and learned the 'scientific plan' used for each piece of mail. Companies pretest letters to see which one bring the most orders. And then they adopt those strategies in their next brochure. .

Example: Every piece of advertising will offer a 'money back guarantee'. Why? It has been proved that this not only increases sales BUT that almost no one ever asks for their money back - even if the product does not work! From a marketing point of view offering 'money back' is win-win. Sells more products AND cost next to nothing because so few people bother to use it- even when they are unhappy with the product.


Then too, everyone advises you to: eat well, exercise regularly and yes, perhaps take some medication or supplements. These things may be part of our lives, but there is a more important thing for us to do.... much more important. We need to decide: WHAT KIND OF OLD PERSON WE WANT TO BE? . Yes, DECIDE. There are things we can do to influence our health, but we are not in full control. We can not control how other people will act - not even children or grandchildren. The only thing that we can control completely is our own attitude.

This is not new

It was the Stoics, those ancient philosophers, who reminded us that our attitude, how we respond to things.... THIS is what determines our happiness.... and our influence on the world. . So, I ask you...I encourage you to spend some time this month asking yourself what kind of old person do you want to be? Think of all the old people you have well as those you have met through reading...seen on television...heard about from friends. Please take time to jot down - yes, on paper or electronic notes = the qualities you want to have as you age. Make a list!

Put your list someplace where you will SEE it every day...every single day. Spend some time 'plotting and planning' how to live this way. Choose one of the qualities you have listed and day dream instances when you can use that quantity this week...when you see family, when you interact with sales people or cashiers, your doctor, the teller at the bank. Such day dreaming helps create, recreate our character. .

We can choose how we age. WE can choose to let the daily stream of events determine our lives. We can become passive, a 'go along' .... We can cling to a past that is no more. (Oh, and some people who do not create their own aging, try to control the lives of others..... instead of building their own futures.) But we can follow a different path. We can DECIDE what sort of old people we want to be. Then, knowing the power of imagination we can spend time day dreaming how we will respond to life's events: Choosing Life, Choosing Love in every sort of circumstance. Yes, day dream specific circumstances and events...

You have read this before: that this sort of 'creative day dreaming' has been proven SO EFFECTIVE that sports teams use it. Health care providers teach patients to use it to increase the effectiveness of their medications. Counselors teach their clients to use their imagination so they can handle difficult people and circumstances - remaining calm, with a sense of self worth no matter what. If in your 'anti-aging' concern, you spend time thinking about, imagining what you do NOT WANT you are working AGAINST getting the kind of life you want.

Please give no time to what you do NOT want. Instead, fill your mind, your imagination with images of the kind of elderhood you WANT. Collect pictures, print some out...put them all over the house. Every day remember good times with an older person. Read authors who have great elders in their stories but above all remember that what you imagine...what you day dream...what you think...that is the future that is likely to be yours. Please, I have suggested this before and will suggest it again - It is so important. Imagine the sort of old person you want to be.... .

What you create. . Kate

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