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Ageless Aging March 2019 News
March 12, 2019
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Science and art of growing older

This month I want to review some of the ways we can slow the aging process...some ways to make the last third of our lives meaningful and joy filled. Since early times, people believed that aging was inevitable. Aging was seen as an intractable process... a downhill slide into disability and death. The idea of 'inevitable decline' is under revision. Scientific studies now show that aging can be modified in significant ways.

New directions in aging

Today most gerontologists believe that that environmental, life style and pharmacological interventions - not just our genetic inheritance affect the speed and direction of our individual aging process..

We now know that what we eat and how much we eat affects how long we live and the quality of our future years. We also know that how much physical activity and what sorts of physical activity we engage in, can affect how long we live and the quality of our later years. .

We know that human beings are social by nature. Yes, there are a few persons who live long, peaceful lives as hermits. But for the vast majority of us, social isolation has a negative effect on our physical and emotional health. .

I may be wrong but I think that this is not the first time you have read or heard these things. Still, the important question is, how has this knowledge affected your daily life?.

I wonder if you might be like me. I know these things. I have known them for ages. BUT...and yes it is a big BUT, I do not always live by them..

Still it is March - early in this new year of 2019. and I...could chose one of the longevity things (physical activity, social interaction or nutrition) and decideto make our actions work in favor of our own longevity. .

Physical activity and what we eat are straightforward. Start by walking one extra block every other day for a week. Thenwe can add another block each day of the next week. Keep adding just 1 block a week. In a few months we will be walking an extra mile each day. Our mood as well as our health may benefit (and yes, do check with your health care provider before starting a walking program.).

Social connection can be more challenging - especially if you, like me, have reached that age when friends are dying or going to care facilities. But there are opportunities. .

We can volunteer. One of my older friends, a woman who never married and has no children or grand children began volunteering at her local hospital. Others volunteer at our local animal shelter. They walk or play with the dogs. Still others go to the local Mall and join the morning 'mall walkers'. They get exercise and over time they also build 'talking connections' with other walkers. .

If you already do such things, could you bring a friend along with you? Both of you will benefit..... and researchers tell us, we are 'social animals' - that joining with others for an activity can raise our 'feel good' hormones. .

In any case, may March 2019 be your month for new opportunities and quiet joys.

Thanks for reading.Kate

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