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Ageless Aging October 2019 News
October 17, 2019
Dear subscriber,

First. I made some changes to the design of the anti-aging-articles web site. It should look better on cell phones..

Today I want to remind us all - including myself - that we are never too old. Sometimes life may have made it difficult to accomplish something when we were young. But now may be the time. .

Just not die with any your dreams still on hold.

Need encouragement?

1. Kimani Maruge did not have the opportunity to go to school when he was young so he enrolled in the first grade at age 84. .

2. At 81 Doris Self set a world record at a Video Game Masters Tournament She took 1,112,300 points on Twin Galaxies’ Tournament Settings at a Video Game Masters Tournament in 1984..

3. Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the “Little House on the Prairie” series, was 64 when she published her FIRST book.... and that was just a beginning..

And you? What do you want to learn? What do you want to do? Remember the Internet is your friend. And YouTube offers more teachers than any school system.

Just think......

1. Learning a new language has been shown to increase longevity. It also 'slows brain aging'. Youtube offers courses in dozens of languages...all for free and you can repeat each class as often as you need..

2. Youtube has exercise classes: yoga...chi gong...tai chi...pilates..strength training....the list goes on. Oh and there is DANCE - dance classes from around the world...all free on Youtube. .

3. You can watch adfree TV programs. About once a year, usually in winter, I watch old comedies on Youtube...And there is every sort of film - from silent movies through TV classics. Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and Carol Burnett became my pre-bedtime favorites last winter. .

Yes, you know all this. But do you take advantage of it? Books can open new worlds, feed our minds and hearts and help us keep our brains as we age. You tube can show us new things, encourage us to laugh for a few minutes every day and develop empathy for people unlike ourselves. .

It is our choice and those choices will make the old age we have. Me? I want to laugh every day, keep learning until I die and develop more empathy for persons unlike myself..

Thanks for reading. Oh, and if there are topics you would like to me research for the web site or include in a future newsletter, just hit reply and let me know what they are. I do want to meet your interests and needs. .

And I hope that with some improved health, I shall get back to regular monthly newsletters. I have already begun to update old pages and add new ones to the anti-aging-articles web site. AND as I revise, every page will have a way for you to add your comments or more information on the page's topic. Be well. Be happy. This is the only time we have.


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