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Ageless Aging April 2020 News
April 08, 2020
Dear subscriber,

The seasons are changing and the corona virus is threatening many around the world. Those of us on this list have weathered many life events and our experience may help us offer courage and comfort to those who have less experience with life..

I am finding it helpful to do two things at this time. First, I have been doing a 'life review'. Some people do these mentally. I like to use pencil and paper. I draw a 10 or 12 inch long line and then divide it into equal 1 inch sections..

Next I draw or write things above and below the line. All things that seemed really positive at the time they happened, I put above the line. Those that seemed negativeor difficult, I put below the line. That gives me a basic time line that I can use to reflect and get some perspective about my life. As I look at my life line, I take time to re-savor the positive things. And I remind myself that there are probably more such positive things in my future..

I also take time to consider the negative things and ask myself what I learned from each of them. And whether they still influence me in any way. To be honest when I look back at some of these difficult events from my current perspective of 84 years, I realize that they taught me that I am stronger than I thought I was. .

Some people and some events were hard to bear. But we bore them. Like the earth we have endured. And unlike a young person, our many years of living offer such perspective. We know that another season is going to follow just as day follows night. .

I sometimes think that that as I age I become like a mountain ...sometimes covered in flowers and grasses. Other times covered in snow or buffeted by winds. But like a mountain, I endure. And when we remember such things, our spirits can give hopeto younger members of our families and communities. Younger persons can look at us and say, Oh, how much xxxxx has gone through in life and look he or she still has hope and looks forward to tomorrow's sunrise..

OK I do not mean to sound naive. Yes, life can be hard....really hard. But you and I have come through a lot. And at this time of cornoa virus and tough economics, I find myself needing to remember that. .

And I realize that my sheer persistence, my willingness to greet another day with joy and thanksgiving is perhaps my greatest gift to people around me who are dealing with Covid 19, with cut backs in their work hours, with strains in personal relationships. .

Yes, I think that one of the greatest values of older age, is that we are testament that life goes on and despite difficulties we can sing in the morning and offer loving concern to others. .

Yes, I really think that. Those of us who are or who are becoming old demonstrated by our very lives that human beings can endure....and hope....and love..

And as I reread this, I realize that it reads almost like a sermon. True. But it is a sermon I need to say to myself on a regular basis. It gives me a sense of meaning, a spirit of courage and the joy of anticipation for what tomorrow and next month will bring..

Thanks for reading. I wish you well. And may your life and good spirit give hope and courage to others.


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