Here is your February edtion of Anti-aging News.

Part I You are what you eat and research shows that some food is better for anti-aging.

As the world wide recession deepens, we want to buy the best food to nourish an anti-aging lifestyle. Scientists from Germany have published "Anti-aging with healthy nutrition." that can show us how to get the most anti-aging benefit from the food we eat:

They said: "For a dietary anti-aging concept that 'gives life to years and adds years to life' we recommend a low-fat, carbohydrate and fiber-rich diet containing plenty of fruits and vegetables and moderate amounts of protein (in particular of vegetable origin).

Prolonging the fasting state by canceling dinner is also of benefit. Five servings of fruits and vegetables (preferentially red, yellow and green) daily and whole-grain products provide sufficient amounts of vitamins C and E and the provitamin A beta-carotene, as well as secondary phytochemicals. Also to be recommended are low-fat dairy products, fish once or twice a week, little meat and eggs, and a maximum of 4-8 fl oz (1/8 to 1/4 liter) of red wine per day.

Part II. Anit-aging supplements in the news:

1. Readers interested in anti-aging skin care may be interested in a study about CoQ10 and aging skin.

Scientists from Germany published a study that concludes "CoQ10 positively influences the age-affected cellular metabolism and enables to combat signs of aging starting at the cellular level." They conclude that "topical application of CoQ10 is beneficial for human skin..." I expect that we will see more and more products headlining their CoQ10 ingredients. But since you know the research, you may get ahead of the crowd in using COQ10 on your skin.

2. Lycium Barbarum or Goji Berry Plants. Resaerchers from Hong Kong pulished a study in August 2008 stating that "Lycium barbarum (Gouqizi, Fructus Lycii, Wolfberry) is well known for nourishing the liver, and in turn, improving the eyesight. However, many people have forgotten its anti-aging properties....." It appears that Goji berry plants may have neuroportective properties and may even be useful for delaying the development of Alzheimer's.

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Part III Can you tell me what you want?

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