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Ageless Aging April 2021 News
April 14, 2021
Dear subscriber,


It has been awhile since I sent out a newsletter. But it is Spring here in Newburgh, New York and the winter of lock down is behind us. I have had the good fortune to bevaccinated. And yes, I am being careful observing all the Covid avoidance advice but it is time to get back to productive work Adding new information to the anti-aging-articles web site is at the top ofmy 'to do' list..

One of the things I have realized is that you, the readers of this newsletter, are key resources. Unlike many of the people publishing articles about aging and anti-aging, you have lived and are living the life so many researchers write about. You KNOW what it is like to grow older in this society. You know what is working for you AND you know what questions you would like to ask and find good answers. So that is what this newsletter is about.

I would like to tap into your experience and wisdom. And I am hoping that you will be willling to share with others. So, two questions:

1. What do you like...or what things have you found that give help, joy and/or meaning to this time in your life? Please think about this question.

2.Please consider writing 1 - 5 paragraphs in answerto that question, hit 'reply' and tell me. Delete the rest of this newsletter so it does not come through with your reply (save bandwidth). I shall read every single reply and put together some new pages for the web site based on the information you share. .

3.I will list the names of each person whose information I use when composing new pages for the web site UNLESS YOU TELL ME THAT YOU WANT TO REMAIN ANYONYMOUS. (I prefer to credit all my sources but if someone wants anonymity, I will honor that preference).

Researchers publish their studies and that information may be helpful. But I grow more and more convinced that those of us living the life, those of us experiencing older age in our own countries have knowledge too. And if we can share what we have learned from living the life or observing others living this life...... well, I am convinced that sharing such information and knowledge can add to the experience of others..

So, will you share? I hope to add information from the replies to this request on the web site. I will give the name and place (city, town or country - your choice) in the acknowledgements at the end of any page using your information. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please let me know that and just give yourplace: city, town and/or country) .

We who are growing older have knowledge either passed down from others or from our own experience. This is an opportunity to share that knowledge and in doing so, you may make things easier to others entering or living their elder years..

Thank you. I promise to get back to work and publish these submissions as well as new articles from the research --- starting this week..

Be well. Be happy. Remember that singing...singing can helpyour mood and uplift your own spirit as well as that of anyonewho can hear it. You do NOT need to 'have a good voice'...just theact of singing can be enlivening..

I look forward to your reply and/or submission,.

Kate...who is getting back on tract now that April is here.

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