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Anti-Aging Articles So you are getting older. I understand. I am 'older' too.  We have that in common. 

Since you have come to this site with 'Anti-Aging Articles' in its title, I assume you do not want to turn into one of the 'old person stereotypes' that exist in so many people's imagination.  

Actually negative stereotypes of elders are a relatively new thing.  Older persons (Elders) used to be prized for their knowledge and experiences.  Farmers, manufacturers, physicians, lawyers  - all wanted 'experienced' workers. And students assigned to the class of an older teacher considered themselves very lucky. 

In fact elders were so admired in earlier centuries that men often wore white wigs so they appeared older and women's fashion was designed to flatter the post menopausal body. Being a 'senior' was socially desirable. Seniors were the source of knowledge and they held a good deal of social power in their families and in the community. So what happened?

Things changed with the introduction of assembly line manufacturing, 'scientific' farming, and research based child care and health care. Cars were no longer built one at a time by a crew that usually had the 'old man' whose experiential knowledge was so important to the crew's success.  With scientific farming there was no longer the need for the memory of an older farmer  about what worked best in a pest invasion or drought.             

There was a real shift. Everyone wanted NEW: new car models, new fashions, new gadgets, new pharmaceutical drugs. And then with the more recent move to the electronic world, suddenly new became even more important  -  the latest, the most RECENT are what people want. This change in society has been hard on elders.

Before manufacturing was mechanized...before the assembly line ...before scientific farming and medicine, knowledge was founded in experience.  And who had more experience that the older members of society?  Old was good; old was valued. In fact it is said that the reason why men wore white wigs was that they wanted to look old!                              ________________________________

When I have given lectures about aging I often remind the audience that if we expand our cultural horizons just a bit, we shall find that elders are treasured in many parts of the world - even in societies that are highly advanced scientifically and electronically. 

If you are 'older' ...(I prefer the term Elder since it carries so many positive connotations) you may find it worrisome if you live in a 'youth oriented' society. If you live in a society that does not really value those who are old, you may have concerns about what you will do in your old age... concerns about your health, your money  or just  how you will meet the considerable challenge of becoming an old person in such a society. 

OK. I understand that. As I moved  through my fifties and into my sixties, I knew that I wanted life in my elder years to be meaningful. I wanted to feel valued - to feel I could still make some contribution.  That I could DO things.  I wanted to 'keep my brains' and have as much good health as possible. So I made a decision. No way was I going to live out someone else's stereotypes of 'old woman'.  

Then I did what was natural for me. I began reading books and  research studies about aging. I talked with and read about persons who were enjoying 'successful aging'. (And I learned that health and economic status were NOT the determinants of a happy, meaningful old age.

Then, seeing so many adults who were really concerned about 'getting old',  I started sharing what I learned. I began giving talks about The Three Stages of Elderhood.  

I soon realized that I could reach only so many people with talks. Since I already had a web site about reversing bone loss,,  I decided to create another site one that would cover all the topics related to creating a meaningful and happy life as we age.

I wanted a web site where all information was grounded in scientific studies. And I wanted a site where elders could share their art, their poetry, their ideas. You are now on that site. It has been built with you in mind. 

You probably have noticed changes in your body that show you are getting older. Like many of us, you a may have some concerns. Will you be able to have a 'good life', a vibrant life as you age. You certainly do not want to be 'pushed aside'. Nor do you want to grow stagnant and feel you are just 'going downhill'. You want to be happy and respected AND you want to continue contributing. You do NOT want to fit some stereotype of a 'dried up' old age

The GOOD NEWS is that your CAN have such a life.  More and more of us are creating such a life.  And this Anti-Aging Articles web site can show you that your life can even become more interesting -- full of new learning, new experiences as you age.  Recent scientific studies are overturning many of the old 'myths of aging'. Scientists have discovered, for example, that most people grow happier as they age AND that it is possible to reverse many of the external signs of aging.... and that many elders become real anchors of stability for their communities

I know there are many web sites dedicated to Anti-Aging Articles. Nearly all of them are trying to SELL you something - a supplement, a cream or some program.

This Anti-Aging-Articles site is different. I am not in the supplement business.  I am not in the beauty or skin care business. I am a retired college professor; now Senior Scholar at the Center for Aging and Policy at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, New York.  I have been reading Anti-Aging Articles  for more than two decades.

Yes, as I grew older (I am pst age 80 now), I found my mailbox filling up with 'junk mail'  trying to sell me some Anti-Aging products. When I read the brochures I found that few offered any real scientific evidence for what they were selling. They had 'testimonials' but little REAL research. That is when I decided to start this Anti-Aging Articles  site.

I wanted to create a site with that offered information backed by real scientific studies - solid Anti-Aging Articles. a site that would show some products that were also backed by solid research AND  an Anti-Aging-Articles site where readers could find examples of women and men living their elder years with a real sense of meaning and joy.  Anti-Aging-Articles is the result.

So please remember that...

Anti-Aging Articles is written for you. Here you will find the latest research on health, longevity, cognitive well being. You'll also get tips about post retirement living - even how to earn an new income after you retire.  And there are articles about Fashion after 50, about skin care and a series of pages where senior artists, authors or poets can post their work.

I hope you will enjoy  this site. You can sign up for my free monthly NEWSLETTER, Ageless Aging if you want.  Just click on the NEWSLETTER button to the right.

Thanks for visiting Anti-Aging Articles! Kate 

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