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Anti-Aging Articles So you are getting older. I understand. I am 'older' too.  We have that in common. 

Since you have come to  'Anti-Aging Articles' I assume you do not want to become one of the 'old person stereotypes' that exist in so many people's imagination.  

Negative stereotypes of elders are a relatively new thing.  Older persons (Elders) used to be looked up to admired.  Why? Experiential knowledge was held in high esteem. Farmers, manufacturers, physicians, lawyers  - all wanted to learn from  'experienced' persons...the elders in their community.

In fact elders were so admired in earlier times that men wore white wigs so they appeared older . And women's fashion was designed to flatter the post menopausal body.                                           

Being a 'senior' was socially desirable.  Elders held social power in their families. So what happened?

Assembly line manufacturing, 'scientific' farming, and research based child  and health care came to the fore and the knowledge (power) of seniors faded. Cars were no longer built one at  time by a crew that usually had the 'old man' whose experience was important to the crew's success.  With the advent of 'scientific farming' there was no need for the memory of an older farmer about what worked best for a pest invasion or drought.                It was a major societal shift. Everyone wanted NEW: new car models, new fashions, new gadgets, new pharmaceutical drugs. And now with the move to electronics, suddenly new became even more important.  These changes reduces the importance of elders in society as a whole.

Before manufacturing was mechanized, before 'scientific' farming and medicine, experience was central in society.  And who had more experience than the seniors?  Yes, there was a time when old was valued and elders wielded social power and were given great respect.   In fact men even wore white wigs so as to look older and gain  'elder respect'.                   

When I have given lectures about Aging and Elderhood I often remind members of the audience that if we expand our cultural horizons just a bit, we shall find that Elders are treasured in many societies - even in societies that are very advanced scientifically and electronically.  

So, if you are 'older' ...(I prefer the term Elder) you may find it worrisome to live in a 'youth oriented' society. You may have concerns about old age - concerns about health, money and how to will meet the challenges of becoming an old person in such a society. You do not want to live some stereotype of 'old age' - poor, decrepit and not 'counting'. You are against that kind of aging. Of course you are.  And that is why 'Anti-Aging' has become all the rage.

I understand that. As I moved  through my fifties and into my sixties, I knew that I wanted life to be meaningful. I wanted to feel valued - to continue making contribution to society. I also wanted to explore things that I never had time for when I was younger.   And   yes,  I also wanted to 'keep my brains' and have as much good health as possible.                                                                         So I made a decision. No way was I going to live out someone else's stereotypes of 'old'.  wanted this last third of my life to be one of exploring and of continued learning, of having good social contacts and yes, I did not have words for it at the time but I wanted to live out of a place of wisdom and love.

So, I did what was natural for me. I began reading books and  research studies about Aging. I talked with and read about persons who were enjoying 'successful aging'. ( I learned that health and economic status were NOT the determinants of a happy, meaningful old age.)

Then, seeing that so many adults who were really concerned about 'getting old',  I started sharing what some of  I learned. I gave  talks about The Three Stages of Elderhood.  

Soon I realized that I could reach only a limited number of people with talks. The Internet offered world wide possibilities.  Since I already had site about reversing bone loss,,  I decided to create another site - one that would cover topics related to creating a meaningful and happy life as we age.

I wanted site where information was grounded in scientific studies. And because so few web sites offer elders the opportunity to share their gifts, I wanted a site where that could happen. You are now on that site. It has been built with you in mind and it continues to evolve.  And since I am a scholar by trade, all the information is based on scientific studies. 

There are also places on this site where you can share your art, your poetry, you ideas for living a good life in elderhood.

Recent scientific studies are overturning many of the old 'myths of aging'. Scientists have discovered, for example, that most people grow happier as they age AND that it is possible to reverse many of the external signs of aging.... and that many elders become real anchors of stability for their communities

I know there are many web sites dedicated to Anti-Aging Articles. Nearly all of them try to SELL you something - a supplement, a cream or some program.

This Anti-Aging-Articles site is different. I am not in the supplement business.  I am not in the beauty or skin care business. I am a retired college professor.  I read Anti-Aging Articles in scientific journals and I have recently begun reading new studies about life extension. 

Yes, as I grew older I found my mailbox filling up with 'junk mail'  trying to sell me  Anti-Aging products. When I read the brochures I found that few offered any real scientific evidence for what they were selling. They might be 'testimonials' but no REAL research. So I decided to start this Anti-Aging Articles site where every claim is based on scientific studies.  

 I also wanted a site where we could learn from each other and where those past middle age, could publish their poetry, their art, their ideas about  growing older with verve and meaning. So, I hope this Anti-Aging-Articles site will be where you can find solid information,  inspiration from others and I hope it will be a place where you can share and find support for you own life as you read examples of women and men living their elder years with meaning and joy.  Anti-Aging-Articles is meant for you. I hope you will explore it....and consider contributing to it.

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Thanks for visiting Anti-Aging Articles! Kate 

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