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Financial disclosure for When you visit this web site I hope you find browsing and reading it both a learning experience and a pleasure.

I spend an enormous amount of time researching the topics for inclusion on the site. I feel it a service to provide so much free research based information to readers.

Because I want information to be free for all, I charge NO membership fees nor do I sell any ebooks or information packets of my own. I do receive some compensation from this web site and I want to explain how this happens.


  • Ads - You will see ads on some pages. For most of these ads eg. the ones from Chita, Google or Kontera, I am paid a small fee when a reader clicks on an ads.

    I can not choose which ads these companies show BUT I can block any inappropriate ads. I ask readers who see an inappropriate ad to contact me so I can request that inappropriate ads not be shown on this web site. (Please use form below to contact me about inappropriate ads and be sure to include the url in the ad itself so I know the name and url of the company. I can ask Google, Chita or Kontera to block future ads. But I need the url from the ad since ads change regularly and I would have no way of knowing which company should be blocked.)

  • Affiliate programs. You will find links to a few companies who offer goods or services that could benefit readers of this web site. All these companies are listed on the PRODUCTS PAGE. When a reader places an order using a link on this web site, I receive a small commission.

    Note: I am really careful about what companies I list. I have refused to affiliate with a companies whose products or services I do not trust.

  • Gratitude I am most grateful to readers who return to this web site to order their products. (I know of one one person, for example, who does all her shopping at Amazon via the products page.) Without the affiliate income from your orders, I could not continue this web site as a free service for all.
  • Endorsement I note that I do not endorse products, although if I have used a product or a company, I sometimes relate my experience with it.
  • Medical advice I am not a licensed medical practitioner. Nothing on this site should be construed as medical advice. Also I can not give medical advice in response to private emails.

    I am a retired college professor who began researching these topics for my own sake. I continue to read research articles in peer reviewed journals on these topics and try my best to provide useful information for you, the readers of this site. You need to contact your health care provider if you want medical advice on any health care condition.

Thanks for reading this disclosure page. And I thank you for your ongoing interest and support of this web site.

Kate Lindemann, Ph.d.

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