Senior education

Senior education. Many seniors decided to 'get an education' when they retire. For some this means a degree program. For others it is a commitment to 'life long learning' and a desire to study. In any case there are many programs at colleges, universities, high schools, senior centers and educational travel that cater to seniors.

If you want to learn. I guarantee there is a program that will fit your needs and your pocketbook. Aim for what your really want.

If you need encouragement, here are some true stories:

  • The Southeast Missourian newspaper reported on January 13, 2011 that Charles Vandegriffe a suburban St. Louis resident was making plans to enter graduate school at age 80. If Charles, why not you?
  • Alice Thomas graduated from Pacific McGeorge School of Law in December 2009. Thomas who is 79 decided to practice elder law
  • reports that students just starting nursing school are often older students - some in their second,third or fourth careers
  • In Dallas a 78-year-old retiree has taken dozens of classes at his local community college.

More information If you are thinking of going to college do not be shy. As a retired college professor I can tell you that many teachers are thrilled when they see some 'older' faces in their classrooms because they know you bring an interest and commitment that many young folks do not have. BUT do not procrastinate. Start now.

Research your options and then begin. You can always switch programs or even schools at a later date. Just begin.

If you are interested in Senior education opportunities, do check out these pages:

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