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CLEP test and other programs You can earn Credit for knowledge you have in either of two ways:

  1. Some colleges and universities offer a credit by portfolio program in which students created a portfoilio that demonstrates their knowledge and your portfolio will be reviewed by the college and a decision will be made as to whether and how much credit you will awareded for 'what you know'.
  2. The more common way to earn credit for what you already know is through testing. CLEP test and exams is the best known of these testing programs.

Some of the other testing programs for earning college credit are:

  • CLEP test is administered by the Educational Testing Service.
  • ACT-PEP program or ACT-Proficieincy Examinations Program is administered by the American College Testing Program.
  • DANTES or the Defense activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support program is a program that originated for military persons. It is now available to civilians as well as military
  • APP or Advanced Placement Program was originated for high school students. It allowed them to earn 'advanced placement' in their college careers. This program is also available to anyone now and non-high school students can take the advanced placement tests also.
  • There are a number of universities that offer their own credit by examination programs. Notable among these are: Ohio University Examination Program, Thomas Edison State College Examination Program. It is worth asking if the college where you are enrolled or are planning to enroll offers such a program or if they offer 'credit by portfolio' as mentioned above.
  • The American Council of Education offers PONSI (Program on Non-collegiate Sponsored Instruction) courses, licenses and certification.
  • Practical advice if you are considering doing an Online College or University degree, one of the things you want to ask before you enroll is: Does this college or university accept and 

    grant college credit through any of these credit by examination or portfolio programs. When you askk if is worth listing the names of each program since  some colleges and 

    universities might accept CLEP test and DANTES but not APP or ACT-PEP. Others might accept credits from any of the examination programs. And still other colleges and university on-line degree programs might not accept any. 

The second thing you want to find out is if there is a limit on the number of credits that can be earned by examination. This is an important question that some students do not think about asking. You also need to know if credits, from an examination program eg. CLEP exam will be accepted as part of one's major or if it will only be accepted for general educational or elective credits.

Finally, you will want to find out if the total number of credits that can be earned by examination allows additional credits to be earned via a Credit for Life Experience Portfolio. In many colleges and universities that have a limit of CLEP credits, the total number is from all sources and if you earn the total number by examination, then you can not earn additional credits via the portfolio method.

How to proceed for your CLEP Test.

Review the description of the 6 testing programs, including the CLEP test, given below:

1. American Council of Education PONSI (Program on Non-collegiate Sponsored Instruction ) is particularly useful to students who have worked in companies that provide in-service education and training. With ACE's PONSI program, organizations and businesses which offer 'in service education' or training programs can apply to ACE to have their educational programs reviewed with an eye to allowing participants to be granted college credit for the learning that occurs. STUDENTS may not apply for credit on their own although they can suggest to the training group to request PONSI review or they can submit the name of a program and agency to the American Council of Education with an aim of ACE contacting the group about possible review.

The PONSI program evaluates non-credit, employment-related courses sponsored by over 100 organizations. These courses are given by business or industry. Some participating businesses are: CBS, IBMA, the Post Office. PONSI reviews the courses and may recommend that college credit be granted to individuals who complete these courses. Examples of qualifying organizations are AT&T, IBM, CBS, and the Postal Service.

So, ACE PONSI college credits are obtained through formal training or in-service education programs provided by your employer, or as in-service training by a not for profit group where you volunteer etc.

2. ACT-PEP or American College Testing Proficiency Program has been administered directly through Regents College Examinations since 1998. ACT-PEP administers exams that are similar to CLEP examinations. The subject matter of ACT-PEP is primarily occupational eg. business, education or nursing. ACT-PEP results are not so widely accepted as the CLEP exams are. But it is always worth checking to find out if these are accepted at the college or university where you intend to apply.

3. APP Advanced Placement examinations are given at the end of an Advanced Placement Course. These are usually offered at a high school but adults and the disabled can also take these courses on-line or through other formats.

4. CLEP examinations. There is a full page on this site devoted to More about CLEP test CLEP examinations.

5. DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-traditional Education Support) has a very extensive set of subject examinations that remembers of the armed services can take. Civilians may take these examinations also but they must pay a fee. In addition some test centers may charge civilians a registration fee.

The examinations cover a number of fields: Business, Education, Humanities, Mathematics , Science and Social Science. To learn more about DANTES go to: Dantes Test program.

6. ACE-Military This program evaluates and recommends college credit for courses and on-the-job training offered by the Armed Services and the Department of Defense. ACE publishes their recommendations every two years in the "ACE-Guide to Evaluation of Education Experience in the Armed Services" as a source for granting credit . Acceptance of ACE-military is limited to few colleges and universities.

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