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Fashion older women. It used to be that women over 50 were expected to wear dark blue or black. Clothes for older women were conservative - maybe even a bit 'dowdy'. BUT as Babs Jackson of Sussex, England writes: "This was just stereotyping of older women". Babs suggests that we not generalize when giving fashion tips.

Look at some 60+ women: Twiggy, Lulu, Linda Bellingham, Cher, Cloris Leachman

Real fashion and style is possible no matter how old you are. You can look good and feel good about how you dress. But you need to be savvy!

As the years go by having a 'personal style' becomes more and more important. In fact this is one area where older women have an advantage over younger women. Style and real Fashion older women is possible because older women have a full sense of who they are and they can dress accordingly.

Read the FOUR Basic Fashion Style and find the one that fits you. This is the key to great fashion no matter what your age. Click here for Basic Fashion Styles

Now, make fashion and style work for you Go to your closet and review everything. Put those things that fit your style back in the closet and pile up the rest to give to a charity shop or send to a resale shop. AND promise yourself that you will only buy your Fashion type from now on.

More on clothing choices after age 50

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You can wear any colour! 
I read once that a woman can wear any colour as long as she has a white collar or scarf next to her face. As a result I have lots of sleeveless white blouses …

Idea for a comfortable, easy fitting skirt. 
Having noticed clothing my daughter bought for my granddaughter, aged five I thought what a good idea if it was used to suit the more mature lady. It consists …

fogotten weman 
After to many children and to many opps. lost my figure big tummy,big bottoms so its hard to find clothes to fit and still be stylish. I am wanting tip …

3/4 length sleeves are flattering and can knock off a few years 
I find shrugs that tie under the bust with either 3/4 or long sleeves can also make you look a bit younger. Some cardigans can age you (not all though …

Teddy's Tips for Stylish Sixties on UP 
My first tip is - Hey friends let us not to give up on ourselves! As a non-working sixty five year old I lament not having to dress-up for work any more. …

Pep up the black! 
I love black! It's slimming,durable and, with good accessories, can look really expensive even when it's not. It can be draining near the face, though, …

I have noticed that as I get older, wearing very smooth fabrics--like satin or some knits--near my face throws my wrinkles into high relief. The contrast …

Never, ever wear bold earrings with a bold necklace. Only one area needs the attention. Either the ears or the neck, not both.

Avoid these 
Women over fifty look awful in tight jeans. I don't care if your figure once was 36-24-36 (as mine was) it still looks awful for a woman over 60 to wear …

Retirees basic wardrobe 
Many older women and some men, live in jogging clothes: longer shorts, capri's(women) and running pants or sweat pants w/hoodies, in colder weather. T's, …

Rounded shoulders Not rated yet
I find a collard garment disguises round shoulders at the neck area.

Fashion is Spinach ! Not rated yet
Probably not many of you gentle readers relate to that Title! If you did, it would put you close to my generation, so may eliminate a huge sector of …

"Gay nineties"  Not rated yet
Flat shoes are sadly necessary, but I find that there are lots of chic Ballet type slippers that are styled for any occasion. Don't take a chance on your …

Less skin more style Not rated yet
Women over 50 do not have skin or shapes that should be exposed regardless of their size or shape.

Suitable dresses for women who have had a mastectomy  Not rated yet
I am now 53 years. Ten years ago I had my L breast removed and I've never had a reconstruction. My tip is for women like myself who have an uneven …

Be true to yourself ....... Not rated yet
Just wear what makes you happy ...... I love "sweet pea" colours, pretty shoes (paint my toe nails every colour of the rainbow because I think I have lovely …

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