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Fashions Older women: color Sometimes women wonder if graying hair or drying skin means they should change wardrobe colors. I know I did. One day I looked in the mirror and really saw the image looking back at me. Goodness my hair was almost white. Did this mean I should be looking for new colors when I shopped for clothing?

Lucky for me a color consultant was offering a workshop in a city nearby. It was the Color Me Beautiful approach and I listened carefully - waiting for something about Fashions older women color choices. But the presenter said nothing about this. (There were only a few older women in audience.)

Volunteering About half way through the workshop the presenter asked for a volunteer. I thought, "Oh, this is my chance to find out." Knowing that many people hesitate to be first, I immediately waved my hand and made it known that I would be enthusiastic and co-operative volunteer for Fashions older women colors.Thank goodness I was chosen.

While I sat in a chair in front of everyone, the consultant began draping colors around my neck and shoulder. With each color she would ask the audience what they thought.

As I was being dismissed, I said, "Can I ask a question?" The consultant nodded So I asked, what of the change in our hair color. I thought my growing white haired would mean I should use new Fashions older women colors. Her reply was enlightening.... "Your best colors are determined by your skin tone....not by your hair color." OK. This was simple.

Your use of color for Fashions older women. If you have not read Color Me Beautiful you may want to do so. Or a less expensive way is bring a friend to a store that sells material. Go up and down the aisles taking solid colors and holding them under your chin. You and your friend will see which ones make you 'look wonderful' and which do nothing for you. Buy a small swatch of 'your colors' so you can bring them home. They will be a gold mine for you.

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Color and style are the two foundations for Ageless Aging Fashions. Wear your colors and you will look your best. Barbara Bush always looks stunning... as did Katherine Hepburn .....and other Senior women who know to use 'their' colors.

Tips for your Ageless Aging wardrobe. Take a day to go through your closets and drawers. Find all the items in your and put these aside (or return them to their place). These are the things that are working for you.

Now you need to see what you can do about the rest of your things.

  • Slacks and skirts. If they fit and you like them, there may be a way to save them. Pair them with a top (blouse, sweater, jacket) that is your color. Often if a fabric with a unflattering color is far enough away from your face and neck you can still use long as it can pair with a compatible color that will be near your face.
  • Dresses or tops. Is it possible to wear a scarf in one of 'your colors' near your face? If the scarf does not clash with the dress, this sometimes works. But you want to make sure. Take a day to shop. Wear the 'less than flattering color dress" and go to the accessories department and see if you can find a flattering scarf. If so, buy it and you have given a temporary 'save' to your wardrobe.
  • Promise yourself NEVER to buy Any more clothing unless it is one of your colors. (Bring color swatches or buy the "Color Me Beautiful" color cards for your season.) Do not leave it to chance - few people have an unerring eye for color and the slightest off shade can ruin your look.
  • Do Not ask sales persons to pick out colors or even how color looks on you UNLESS that sales person has your same color pallet. (Sales people tend to prefer their colors and so it is difficult to get an unbiased opinion.)
  • If you shop with family or friends, try to find someone with your same coloring. If you can not and you still want company, bring samples of your color chart and explain that these are the ONLY colors that you will buy today.
  • As you renew your wardrobe, pick 2 of your best colors and create a mix and match from these: a basic dress, slacks and then sweaters, shawls, tunic tops in another of your favorite colors. Remember Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis? Black was one of her hues and she used for all sorts of basic clothing: dresses, slacks, tunics, tops etc. and she dressed up or down with jewelery, scarfs, shawls. Barbara Bush wore a certain shade of blue so often (and so well) that people began calling it Barbara Bush blue. OK. So what color will it be for you?
Last tip There is one more BIG THING for looking great as you age and that is to get clear about your Fashion Style. Click here for Fashions Older women: styles page.

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