Great jobs for seniors and retirees

Looking for jobs for seniors? Retired and wanting to a job? You have come to the right place. You will find tips about getting back to work - even after you have retired.

So let's get right to it.  There are only two ways to earn money. You can 'get a job' and work for a company OR your can work for yourself.

First, working for a company that offers jobs for seniors.  Many companies do not want anyone over 50...or 60. You know that.  But there are a number of companies that have found older workers to be a real asset. These companies appreciate both your experience and the solid work ethic you bring to the job. I've researched them (to save you time). Just click on this link to find some:  Companies known for their jobs for seniors

Second. working for yourself  Many seniors prefer to work for themselves. You can set their own hours. You have flexibility. You can take some time off to visit family, go on vacation or just do things at home. And some of us hate the idea of having a boss again. We want to be our own boss. The number of retirees who are working for themselves is increasing.

There are 2 different ways to go about working for yourself:

  1. You can do specific jobs and report the money as personal income when you file your taxes.
  2. You can set up a small business (It is easy to get a federal tax id and keep track of income and expenses.) When you file income tax, you file a special section for your business.                                                                                        Talk to an accountant. There are tax benefits in having a business. Many decide to go this route in their jobs for seniors because of these tax benefits.  It is worth talking to an accountant , if you are serious about self employment.                                                                                                                                      

But the BIG question for you is what sort of jobs for seniors do you want? What sorts of things will bring you the income you need while offering you some pleasure besides. You can have both income and enjoyment. Many of us have found that working in retirement offers joys that working when we were younger never did.   

What jobs for seniors would be good for you?

1. You can turn hobby or work your skills into income. To do this, you need to think things through in a systematic way.         

Let' begin with your skills. Make a list of all the skills you have? Make another list of things you like to do? Make you list  as long as you can.                                                                                    

 A.Do you like to drive? In my town some retirees who enjoy driving have set up their own service. One of the men worked for a bus company. Another did deliveries. Since this town is about 2 hours from big city airports, locals are delighted to learn they can hire  someone to drive them in their own car to the airport, drop them off, bring the car back home and then return to pick them up when their return flight lands. It is convenient, a lot less expensive than hiring a limo AND there are no airport parking fees or worry that they will get to the airport and find the parking lot full. Fact is that this service has become so popular - all by 'word of mouth' - that there are now several retirees who  do it. And the nice thing is that the drivers can decide just how many trips they want to schedule. Clearly good example of jobs for seniors.                          

B. Do you like to Shop?  Many seniors or persons with disabilities would be delighted to have someone do weekly grocery shopping. 

C. Do you like to Fix things?                                                     There are scores of seniors, especially women living alone, who need lock changed, a screen door installed, some ceiling light bulbs replaced. A note posted at the senior center will often bring a first job.....and then if you show up on time, are polite, do a good job and 'do not charge and arm and a leg', you will get referrals - especially if you ask for them.                                                       

D. Gardening chores If you like to weed ( I have a passion for it myself), you may find that many a senior would be glad to hire you for an afternoon to do a 'bit of gardening'. Again try sign at the senior center - "Garden getting ahead of you? Call your Garden Helper. I will get those weeds under control".                                 

E. Small sewing jobs for seniors. Favorite clothes have lost buttons but arthritic hands make repairs a nightmare. A dress needs a tuck...or someone who has developed a back hump because of spinal osteoporosis and feeling awful because 'nothing fits right'. (Check out how to adjust Clothing for those with back humps  or Fashion with arthritis  )                                                   

F. Sellilng crafts,  your antiques and other special skill jobs for seniors. Many a senior who does crafts and some collectors have turned their hpbby into spending money by entering the fair circuit. Old postcards, linens, old tools, hand made toys. There are lots of opportunities BUT do be aware that such selling goes best before holidays and in good times when people feel flush and donot mind spending. 

G.Another approach to jobs for seniors is to: Learn new skills, have fun and earn money at the same time . All the research on aging shows that those of us who continue to learn are more likely keep our brains. Some take this very seriously. I know I did.

That is how I got to using my skills and knowledge to build web sites. To be honest, after I retired I was concerned about how I would live out my days. I liked working and knew I would miss the daily interaction with others. I was also concerned about money.

A newly acquired 'documented disability" was one of the reasons I had retired and it made a regular job out of reach. Then someone in an online forum mentioned a company called SBI (Site Build It)         After watching some of their videos and learning that SBI  offered a 'money back guarantee'. I signed on.... AND I have learned so much and had fun besides.

SBI's user forums have given me a whole community of interesting people of all ages who are more than willing to share tips and help solve problems. In addition  the company's technical support team (who always reply within 24 hours or less). They have answered every question and solved every problem I reported.     

 I do not want to sound too enthusiastic but here is an 82 year old woman who has had a whole world open to her AND SBI has added to my income. I am so enthusiastic about SBI that  I even became an affiliate with them. Why? I think they offer such good job for seniors oppurtunity

 Learn more about SBI (Site Build it) by clicking  SBI   or if you        you prefer Word Press, click on this linK SBI for Word Press

And if you join SBI and run into a problem, feel free to contact me. I will be glad to help...or show you how to get SBI workers solve your problem.   Who knows we might meet in one of the SBI forums and you'll be telling me that you never realized you could learn so much AND earn money besides. 

Solo Build It!

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