Arthritis clothes for older women with osteo or rheumatoid arthritis

Arthritis clothes | Fashion tips. Yes it is possible to be comfortable and fashionable if you have osteo or rheumatoid arthritis.

When it comes to Arthritis clothes, the differences between these two joint conditions is important. Osteoarthritis begins in the large joints - hips, shoulder, knees. Rheumatoid arthritis begins in the small joints such as the fingers. Often those who have the rheumatoid type condition find it hard to hold things or make small movements such as buttoning a skirt or shirt. In addition it can be difficult to dress because of stiffness and/or pain when raising your arms or bending to put on stockings and shoes.

Besides difficulties in dressing, these conditions can change body shapes and that affects appearance. Some people find that their necks appear shorter because their shoulders have become raised. Others find their knees become enlarged or their body begins to bend forward a bit from the hips. All these things affect the Arthritis clothes that you can wear. But we now know an number of things about clothes for older women. and the So here are some Arthritis clothes fashion tips for older women.

You may already be doing some of these. If so, congratulate yourself for figuring out what a consultant might suggest. But do read all the tips. There might be one or two that can be of use.

  • Shoes. Give away those high heel shoes you might have in your closet. Buy fashionable low heeled shoes. Snug slip on pumps are good. Or you might want to look at a solid color (black) walking shoe by one of the better shoe companies such as New Balance. Quality is important here. As you probably know, it is better to have 2 good pair, than a closet full of cheap shoes that will increase foot pain. Buy a good shoe horn. Often you can put laced shoes off and on without undoing the lacing. There are also shoes made where the tongue moves forward so taking them on and off is easier. If you have an old fashioned shoe store in town, it is worth making the trip. The next best thing is a shoe shop that caters to the running athletes. Sales persons who cater to runners understand foot pain and how important a shoe can be in relieving it.
  • Velcro is a gift. Use it. If you have button cuffs or dresses and shirts, have the buttons sewed onto the front and put Velcro as fasteners on the back. This can make dressing so much easier. Press and close or pull to open. No more fasteners or buttons!
  • Bras. Many companies now make bras that hook in the front. Some of these can be altered so they use zipper or special Velcro closings instead of hooks. If you are making an alteration in the closure, you want to ask a professional seamstress or tailor to do the job. YOu do not want your bra to pop open in the middle of a luncheon.
  • If your neck has been shortened by rising shoulders, buy dresses and blouses with deep necks - either V shaped or or deep, gentle U shape. If your top does not have a deep neckline, add attractive pendant or long beads since these can add the appearance of length to the neck. Avoid cowl collars, turtle necks and other high neck designs.
  • If your knees are swollen, be sure to buy only pants or slacks are straight legged. You may need to have the trouser leg widened a bit - so check the seam size before you buy so you are sure there is enogh to 'let out'.
  • More Fashion tips and Arthritis clothes for older women

  • A good hair cut is important. It will make you feel better about yourself AND show you at your best. You hair and face should be your dominant features so people are not focusing their attention on your joints. If you have been wearing the same hair cut/look for the last 1o years, consider going to a stylist for some suggestions. Be sure to tell the stylist that you have arthritis and need a cut that will require little fussing on your part. (You do not want something that is going to require 20 minutes of styling each time you leave the house.)
  • Color for your Arthritis clothes for older women. Blues and greens are restful - some say that blue is pain reducing! You want to find colors that really make your skin glow. remember that as you age, your skin and hair colors change. YOU want clothing that will compliment your changing skin tone - that will give you that special 'alive' look. If your hair is grey or white, you might consider royal blue or deep purple tones. Many older women can wear these colors with elegance in a way that no younger women can. Avoid dull or dowdy colors! They will make you look older than you are. Simple classic lines in colors that compliment your skin tone will make you look wonderful.....and you will feel better when you know you are making a good appearance.
  • Pocketbooks and purses. If a heavy purse is bothersome, do not use one. Pare down to essentials: a wallet, a handkerchief, keys and a cell phone is you have one. If your skirt or jacket and coat have some pockets, you can distribute these easily. And if you always put them in the same pocket, you will not have to be searching for them when you need them.

A last tip. If you want to give yourself a special treat...or if someone is wondering what to give you for your next birthday, consider getting a dress made by a dress maker who will alter the patten to fit your needs.

Nellie Thronton is an English woman who has written Fashion for disabled People published by Batsford, London. Thronton gives many suggestions (some listed above are from her book) AND she shows exactly how to alter patterns to accommodate specific Arthritis clothes. It is worth borrowing this book from the library or buying a copy.

When speaking with a dressmaker or tailor, it is worth mentioning Fashion for disabled People to them...or lending them a copy if you have purchased one.

Oh, yes, and it is worth asking your dressmaker if she will be able to create a garment that she might alter in the future if your condition warrants it. sometimes including a little extra in a seam can make all the difference if you need something changed.

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