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Anti-aging supplements have been in the news for years. They are also advertised widely. Surely you have seen: "Buy XYZ Product and look younger"             or "Buy ABC and live vigorously until you are 100".  But sadly many products do not live up to the claims made in the ads. Still many of us still dream of something to guarantee good health and vigor well into our old age. 

 AND the good news is that scientists have been making some real breakthroughs in this area.

We now have supplements that DO WORK. Also, research shows a number of supplements that sometimes do the job. Although ads are still full of 'marketing hype' it appears that some products are worth buying.

So, how can you tell which products work and which are just hype?

The answer is, "RESEARCH Studies" . We need to know what real scientific research shows about a product. This is why I study scientific reports. I want to bring you what scientists have found out about supplements, not just what company marketing says. I want to find out what product work and which make claims but have few studies showing that they do the job.

In this section of this web site you will find summaries of scientific findings concerning specific products. My hope is that this information about anti-aging-supplements will be useful to you. And I promise that as I find new material about Anti-aging supplements, I shall add it to the page. (If there is a supplement you would like me to research, please let me know. You can tell me by using the form at the bottom of the page.)

  1. Resveratrol,  natural chemical that reduces cardio-vascular disease, repairs DNA damage, has anti-cancer properties and increases longevity. In February of 2008, New York Times headlined a story in its business section  about an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School who said he found a chemical that can increase the life span of yeast. The chemical is Resveratrol and researchers have been documenting its amazing properties for years. To read more about it, go to: Anti-aging supplements Resveratrol. 
  2. Carnosine also shows promise. It may be effective in areas as diverse as Cataract formation, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. To read more just click   on Carnosine
  3. A deficiency in Vitamin B12 can create symptoms of dementia, increase falls, MS, chronic fatigue or dementia. See: Aging or B12 Deficiency?
  4. Review of DHEA: Is it good for memory?
  5. Ginko Biloba - an old standby getting a new review
  6. HGH - Does it work? Is it safe?
  7. The role Lecithin can play in anti-aging program
  8. Piracetam -a brain tonic
  9. Preventing memory loss....research about  Vitamins that help prevent memory loss

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