"Gay nineties"

by Mary Jane Reynolds
(Palm Desert, CA US)

Flat shoes are sadly necessary, but I find that there are lots of chic Ballet type slippers that are styled for any occasion. Don't take a chance on your balance with even a small heel

A 3/4 length sleeve is the best choice in sports , i.e. knits, or home and evening wear.

Stay away from Jeans. A Capri type pant works best, unless you choose a long length for evening.
Long floaty gowns are great with 3/4 length sleeves - -= velvet for winter with sweetheart neck if your shoulders are still presentable.. mine still are - at 96 .

I wear my hair longish in a pageboy with pretty hair=bands. Avoid eye makeup; .eye-brows and lips are enough . Little or no jewelry except a necklace and of course, a favorite ring. Bracelets call attention to wrinkled skin. That's it, Adios and keep on having fun!

Mary Jane

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