Suitable dresses for women who have had a mastectomy

by Mary Yvonne
(NSW Australia )

I am now 53 years. Ten years ago I had my L breast removed and I've never had a reconstruction.

My tip is for women like myself who have an uneven chest wall, and its best not to wear a garment that allows others to notice this. But, many older women with both breasts look more attractive putting the emphasis on their shoulders or back. Avoid plunging or deep cut fronts, they do not make you look younger or sexy.

Susan Sarandon is my age or thereabouts, but as she is very big busted, she does not look her best letting it all hang out. She looks better and younger in more tailored and elegant clothes.

Also, many women have sun damage, and they too look more attractive and younger by covering up.

The Bateau neckline is beautiful. Also, any draped neckline that is narrow and does not expose the upper chest. One neckline that is dramatic and can be excellent in a little black dress is a keyhole neckline, where the keyhole is positioned high on the chest and not too wide.

I've been taking inspiration from the designs from the 1930's - 1960's, many found in So Vintage Patterns and other Vintage fashion sites. There is literally hundreds of very stylish and age appropriate fashion there for women like me, who you could say have special needs and more mature women in general.

The other tip I would give is modest hemlines. Always to the bottom of the knee cap or lower, depending on the cut.

I am now on a roll. I swim all the time and you can buy flattering costumes for women who had mastectomies, and there is a special waterproof insert . No one on the beach knows. And I don't let anything stop me.

Finally, the Vintage designs have many beautiful over blouses for evening. They range from very form fitting to flimsy and exotic. There is a treasure trove in their for more mature women.

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