Teddy's Tips for Stylish Sixties on UP

by Teddy Delfs
(Santa Fe, New Mexico)

My first tip is - Hey friends let us not to give up on ourselves! As a non-working sixty five year old I lament not having to dress-up for work any more. Planning my work wardrobe was a motivator and energy booster for me. Pulling together a great outfit helped me feel more prepared for a challenging meeting or encounter with a "difficult" colleague. Now I try to consider lunches, vacations, dinner out every other public activity as equal to my work wardrobe planning. I try to outdo myself each time. Use those lovely clothes that hang in the closet longing for your attention. I say wear whatever you want at home or in the garden, but when you go out forget the ugly capri pants, t-shirts that accentuate the hips, and sandals that point out aging toes. Try to be noticed for how good you look, not for just throwing on anything to go pick up a few groceries. You will feel better about yourself, walk taller and love yourself for having put in the effort.

Teddy Delfs

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Oct 27, 2013
by: Maryann

Kudos! I am 65 and used to dress my butt off for work. I still have that kind of pizazz but live in a different place now wherein it seems out of place. I am taking the middle road. After all, I must please me.

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