Retirees basic wardrobe

by laura
(Dothan, AL USA)

Many older women and some men, live in jogging clothes: longer shorts, capri's(women) and running pants or sweat pants w/hoodies, in colder weather. T's, polo shirts and jogging jackets along with athletic/walking shoes, except for church are basic wardrobe. I notice this more, yet there are a few that dress casual (slacks blouses, shirts(men). No one can look old dressing like this as it's ageless. As a retiree, you only need several "dress" outfits unless you are socially/civic/church active. Choose you best colors next to your face.

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Oct 05, 2015
Understand Grandma's Wardrobe Now
by: bnme

Some planning of everyday wardrobe comes with ease of care and laundry taken into account. If age and health issues cause you to tire easily, the laundry can become a horrible chore. Clean and comfortable can allow for you to stay independent longer. Do not criticize until you get there. Having a few dress outfits will carry you through church and other events.

Sep 29, 2015
T-shirts always make great gifts
by: Anonymous

T-shirts always make great gifts. Whether it is someone's birthday, a family reunion party, a get together with old friends, or anything like that, if you are thinking about greeting them with a gift, you must consider gifting them a t-shirt. In fact, it will be even better if you personalize the gift by giving your guests a custom made t-shirt.

Jun 03, 2014
Dress for Yourself
by: Anonymous

I do believe that it's unkind to criticize older folks if they are wearing apparel that is comfortable, weather and event appropriate, and that befits their lifestyles.

What's the problem with capris? Apparel such as capris and 3/4 sleeve tops are very modest but are much cooler in hot weather than their longer counterparts, which accounts for their popularity.

There's nothing wrong with being old. If people are dressed neatly in clean clothes and dressed appropriately for the occasion, then I do not believe there are any grounds to criticize. Some folks don't care about fashion. I don't see why it should bother another person.

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