3/4 length sleeves are flattering and can knock off a few years

by Angela
(East Sussex)

I find shrugs that tie under the bust with either 3/4 or long sleeves can also make you look a bit younger.

Some cardigans can age you (not all though !)choose carefully.

Now something that is not a fashion tip but something that makes me mad.

Why are nearly every clothing catalogues geared for the size 14 and up ?

Not all us golden oldies are fatties. I am a size 8 and although I can get clothing in that size, I really have to search. Yes, ebay comes to the rescue, but it is nice sometimes to be able to get small sizes in more high street stores.

If I had Mary Portas's money I would open a store with skinnies in mind and stock flattering styles for the more mature lady like me.

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