Senior clothing and apparel

Senior clothing can be comfortable AND fashionable.

If you are a senior buying your own clothes or if you are shopping for an older relative or friend, here are some tips:

  1. As we age, our bodies change. Some proportions do not change. If you had a long neck at age 20, you are likely to have a long neck at age 72. But the one change that many women notice is that after menopause their middle expands. You may no longer have an hour glass shape. YOu have more retangular body shape. If this is the case, do avoid outfits that draw the eye to your middle Example: Avoid contrasting belts, sashes and waistbands.
  2. Some seniors find that they now have varicrose veins or their calves are more hefty. Really short skirts are out for senior clothing.
  3. Buttons can be a problem. This is easily remedied in Senior clothing by sewing the buttons to the outside a the button hole and then putting a piece of velcro on the back. It only takes a few minutes to do this but adding velcro can make dressing so much easier....and using it allows you to choose stylish clothes that you alter with velcro instead of buying the rather bland styles that come with velcro already installed.
  4. Of course it makes sense to avoid high heels. Some seniors like sneakers but sneakers for all their comfort do not offer good support. A good shoe may be a bit more expensive but it is worth every penny you will pay since a good shoe can often relieve many aches and pains. And a good shoe can help prevent falls. If you want a solid, comfortable shoe, try a sports shop. Ask for a good walking shoe. I wear NEW BALANCE shoes. They are among the best on the market and since IA have started wearing them, I find I have fewer aches and pains. If there is a good sports shop ...or better yet, a New Balance shoe store near you, go in and get ask for a fitting. Buy a pair and wear them for awhile so you will know if this is the shoe for you. If it is, you have the shoe style number and your size so you can buy your next pair on line at one of the discount sport shops.
  5. If tying laces has become a problem, there are sports shoes that use velcro for closing
  6. Color choices. So many clothes for seniors come in pastels BUT not every senior is a pastel person. Can you imagine Nancy Regan or Margaret Thatcher in pastels? If you do not see an appropriate color, ask. If the store does not have anything appropriate, ask the sales person. A line such as, "You are knowledgeable in the field. I really need clothing in bright solid colors. Could you suggest somewhere I might go to find it? If all else fails, shop online where you can see colors. Do a search for casual wear or sports dresses.
  7. Fashion. Seniors can and should have style. In fact some people do not really find their real style until they are well along in life. Whether you are buying clothes for yourself or for some other senior, you do want to pay attention to style.
  8. Special situations. Limited mobility or painful joints can create their own problems when dressing or undressing. Here is an article with Clothing tips for those with arthritis or other joint problems . . . and anyone with a dowagers hump will want to read Best clothing styles for those with Kyphosis or dowagers hump

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