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CLEP exam preparation Peterson's exam preparation is the longest running test preparation program. For help in preparing for your tests, this is one of the best programs but there are others, too.

History, procedure

The CLEP program was instituted to enable adults who have already learned content and skills that are usually taught in college classes to receive credit for what they now...without attending classes.

The program grew out of the experience of some of the first adults who returned to college to obtain their degrees. They found that they were sitting in classrooms listening to instructors 'teaching' them things they already knew. Either they had learned the material on the job or through their volunteer work. Some adult students found that knew more about a particular subject than even their teachers. Frustrating!

CLEP schedules are published regularly and each college and university should have a list of the exams they accept AND what score your need to attain in order to qualify for degree credits.

If you have not yet registered at a college and want to know what examinations they accept, ask the admissions counselor for this information. If you have already registered in a college program, speak with your academic adviser about the college or university's list of accepted CLEP tests.

You can practice for your exams. Go to Peterson's Test site. Click on CLEP exams button in the top panel

Remember the sooner you begin the process of applying for advance credit, the better. If you put it off until after you have taken a few classes, you may spend time and money for classes that you could have been exempted from through the CLEP documentation program. Start early. That is the best advice I can offer you.

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