50 Ain't Fatal

by Maureen Channel-Branche
(Queens, NY)

When I'm dead, I'm dead

And when I'm gone, I'm gone
But while I'm still breathing
I will bring it on

Don't tell me because I'm 50+
That my life is over
That I should feel defeated and crushed
Like I've been smashed by a boulder

50 Ain't Fatal
I prove this everyday
I dispel any fables
That I've got one foot in the grave

50 Ain't Fatal
My creativity still flows
Yes I am still very well able
To set and reach my many goals

50 Ain't Fatal
I am far more than just a faint pulse
Now take your gloom and doom
And throw it back at yourself

50 Ain't Fatal
So to all who do believe
That it would be a huge betrayal
And very hard to conceive

50 Ain't Fatal
Yes, in the not so distant future
You'll use life's needles and sutures
To rise from the cradle
And  live the label
That reads

"50 Ain't Fatal

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