Anti-Aging Tips - the real deal

Anti-Aging Tips are all over the Internet. Suddenly everyone seems to have advice for those who are aging. Aging has become is a financial boom for authors, manufacturers of products that may appeal to the over 50 age group. "Use that". "Hold onto your youth and stop aging in its tracks". "No need to get old if you just try our XXX,  buy our.XXX "(fill in the blank with a book, food, supplement or equipment) Since merchants realized that people are living longer and that the large cohort born after WWII  are getting older,  they see  a bonanza for merchandising with a 'stay young' flair.

But Anti-Aging is not about merchandising. If you are looking for Anti-Aging Tips online, you are serious. Your want real advice.  And so I offer you these:

1. Make a list of things that you do not like about the thought that you are going to grow old. Yes, I am serious. Make a your list now. Open a txt file and start thinking.

Is it that you do not want the physical decline you often see: people needing canes or  walking with a sort of shuffle? Is it that you do not want wrinkled skin filled or skin with 'age  or liver spots'? Is it that you fear a loss of power? or respect? or not having enough money anymore? Exactly what are your concerns?

Please, write them down. Open a text file or use pen and paper. m. Get your concerns out there where you can see them. That is the first Anti-Aging tips. Get your concerns on paper. Externalize them.  So that the first tip - Put your concerns in writing and save them in a txt file or on paper. Once you have done that then...

Read the rest of these Anti-Aging Tips carefully. Think about them AND DO at least one of them this week. Then in a couple weeks try at least one more. There is no reason why your older years need be terrible. They could be the very best ones in your life. I know mine are and I have friends who also say, " I never realized how good my old age could be."

2. So what are your concerns, fears?  For many  their biggest fear is become dependent or reliant on others....losing that 'independence' that they think their adulthood brought.  

But really... First, just how free and independent are most adults? For many adults they may 'think' they are independent but that is only because they now avoid the dependency of childhood. But there are adult dependencies: our jobs and/or roles in society, our place of shelter, our means of transportation, the companionship of co-workers, spouses, children, friends as well as the professionals we consult when we need care and/or advice. 

Do you really think that the loss of the first item on this list means losing everything? If so, I suggest you ask your local librarian to recommend some books written by or about people who found the most rewarding work or an important place in society AFTER they retired. There are millions.

Examples: Think Retired US Presidents Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton.

In business: Cinde J. Dolphin , Laurie M. Orlov and a host of others started new successful businesses in their elder years. Retirement gave them the freedom to do what they really wanted.

More Anti-Aging Tips: There are the millions of elders who have used their post adult years to explore and develop parts of themselves they never had the time for when they were younger.  Some take up art, music. writing poetry, short stories, memoirs. Others create new businesses. (My mother and several of her friends opened a consignment shop.) Still others use their energy and skills tutoring or volunteering with local non-profits. Some get serious about politics and volunteer for their party...or even run for office. 

Finally, many elders use their new found freedom and time to explore and develop parts of themselves that adult responsibilities never gave time to do.  They take up painting, join a writing group, begin raising Cocker spaniels, taking a college class (Many colleges in the USA allow elders to 'sit in on classes' for free)...some even allow them to enroll for credit. 

Enjoy plenty of hobbies

Take days out and lunches with my friends and family

Breed French Bulldogs and Chihuahuas as a hobby

Enjoy crafts, coffee and painting

Go on outings with my grandchildren

Use my free bus pass to go anywhere I want

Fly by the seat of my pants and enjoy whatever I choose to do!

Join a group called Sisters on the Fly

Make it up as I go along and enjoy every moment

Help with my fabulous grandbabies

Cook and craft

Hang out at the library

More Anti-Aging Tips

Enjoy a simple life, adapting as I go

Work with first graders as a school chaplain

Meet a man ten years younger and get married!

Live every day as if it were an adventure!

Learn new things, meet new people and see new places

Write children’s books

Go to the gym every day and to the cinema at any time I want

Read and write as much as I can

Wing it and just see how it goes!

Join the Women’s Institute

Drive my new car

Go to Jazzersise

Volunteer at a retirement home

Have lunch, movies and more with friends

Explore my spirituality

No plans. Just enjoy life and the journey that I am on

Care for my mum with dementia

Go to a senior center and take an art class

Learn how to do origami

Go to massage therapy school

I’m a breast cancer survivor, so I volunteer in this area

And here are even more Anti-Aging Tips.

Spend time with my grandchildren, read, walk, and do yoga

Do anything that tickles my fancy for one year

Train to be a chaplain in a hospital or hospice setting

Work part time as a substitute teacher

Volunteer as a Medicare counsellor

Move to Costa Rica, my sweetheart’s home and raise 4 grandsons

Work with my husband in the garden

Volunteer in our local parish and find time to read

Read books and meet up with the book club once a month

Look after my grandchildren, since my daughter is gone

Get involved with a political organization

Babysit my grandchildren

Get very involved with church activities and help lonely people

Spend time with my daughter and granddaughter

Sell my house and move to a beach hut

Study the bible, do crafts, read and research my ancestry

Join a volunteer board and give back to my community

Go to Italy and open a bed and breakfast

Follow my dream owning a small acreage and a herd of alpacas

Open a business to support artists of heirloom-hand crafted items

I keep myself busy with U3A

Spend more time caring for my horses and competing in daytime dressage competitions

Go with what pleases me! I love dancing and music – they make me happy

Get started on that travel bucket list

I love all of these answers because, while they are diverse, they show that retirement doesn’t need to be about “aging gracefully” Choosing or creating your own Anti-Aging Tips list can make such a difference in your elder years.

Men and Women in their 60s today are embracing life with the same curiosity, courage, and bohemian energy that motivated them in the 1960s. We are looking after ourselves, exercising, having fun, following our quirky hobbies, looking after our grandchildren, and holding on to the things that matter.

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