Anti-aging exercise Tai Chi offers multiple health benefits

 Anti-aging exercise Tai Chi - has many, many health benefits If you are looking for just one new activity to improve your health and aid your longevity do consider taking up Tai Chi.  Researchers have been examining the benefits of this ancient system of gentle movement for the last decade. And their studies published in academic journals show an impressive list of benefits. 

Amazing? And the studies continue. Researchers seem really interested in these gentle movements that can be done by anyone, almost anywhere.  I expect that in a few years, the list of proven benefits will be even longer for this Anti-aging exercise.

Anti-aging exercise Tai Chi offers many benefits 

 What if there were an exercise that you could do in your own home, that could be done by anyone at any age, that requires no special equipment. There is: Anti-aging exercise Tai Chi AND scientific studies showes that it:

  1.  Reduces your stress.
  2. Improves balance and reduced falls - thus preventing fractures.
  3. Slows bone loss in post menopausal women.
  4.  Is more effective than water exercises for persons with arthritis
  5.  Reduces tension headaches
  6. Shows significant improvement in  Osteoarthritis for those who this exercise.
  7. Decreases blood pressure in those with hypertension (high blood pressure)
  8. Improves blood lipid scores (cholesterol)
  9. Improves mood and sense of well being of practitioners
  10. Aids those with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) - helpful  to the soldiers returning from war with TBI
  11.  Appears to be useful for those in the early stages of Parkinson's disease.
  12.  Improves quality of life and range of motion in breast cancer survivors
  13. Enhances your immune response
  14.  Improves flexibility and kinesthetic sense
  15.  Has been shown to be a safe exercise for those with chronic heart failure.

BUT there are problems for those who want to use Anti-aging exercise Tai Chi.  Finding a good teacher and finding the time and money for classes are at the top of the list of problems to be solved. Also, Anti-aging exercise Tai Chi programs are often held at night. Many eleders no longer drive at night and for younger persons they may be just getting home from work or need to  clear up dinner dishes - not dirve off to class.  Then, too, you are never sure of the qualifications of a local teacher. 

Finally, many Anti-aging exercise Tai Chi classes charge weekly fees and if you want to practice this for several years, you could be spending as much as a full health club membership would cost.

So what is the alternative?.

One alternative is to learn at home from videos.  I tried this. But I found that many of th  programs were so complicated and the directions were often not very helpful for someone just starting out with Tai Chi.  I began to think that this particular exercise was something I would not be able to do no matter how many benefits the researchers said it had. 

Then early in 2008 I found a program that:

1.Was taught by a knowledgeable expert who had studied under a number of Tai Chi masters/

2. Used a series of simple movements that even this beginner could do 

3. AND the author was so convinced that the program would be effective and that anyone could to do it, that he offered a full money back guarantee.

I tried it. I liked it.  

If you are interested in obtaining all the benefits of Tai Chi and you want something that you can do in the privacy of your own home, you might be interested in the program I used. If so, go to 

Anti-aging exercise: Tai Chi
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