Anti-aging secret: Grow younger each year.

Anti-aging secret  New research shows that you can grow younger for the next 10 - 15 years.  Oh, you will grow chronologically older BUT you can grow 'functionally' younger IF you make a few changes in your life style. Believe it not, growing younger is not rocket science. No exotic supplements No fad diets.

Yes, new anti-aging science shows that you can grow younger one year at a time....every year for the next 20 or 25 years. 

How this anti-aging secret works:

What it means:  If you are 50 years old now, in ten years when you celebrate your 60th birthday, you could have the body and mind that was yours at 40! If you are 60 years old now, in ten years your chronological age will be 70 but you could have the body and mind that were yours at 50.  And what is really interesting is that you can maintain that younger body/mind  into your 80's and beyond.

Think of it, a healthy, zestful old age...none of the deterioration you see in some older people. You can retain your memory, your creativity and your interest in current events.  Even if you now experience the mid-life forgetfulness that many 35 - 50 year olds report, you could have a sharper mind as you age.

So what is this Anti-aging secret?  

The great Anti-aging secret is activity -  aerobic activity. If you do an hour's worth of aerobic activity 6 days a week every week you will begin to grow younger. 

Do not  start off at an hour's worth!. Your body needs time to get acclimated. But if you start NOW, you will find you can add a few minutes more each week. Of course you should check with your doctor before beginning any new aerobic activity.!

What will happen if you use this Anti-aging secret? 

 First off, you will feel less stress. You will enjoy a surge in energy and good feelings. If you are over weight, you will find that first ounces and then pounds begin melting off - with no change in diet. Your blood pressure and heart function will improve. AND you will find your mind becoming  sharper, your memory more accurate and many of your powers of youth restored. 

Why? Why is an hour of aerobic activity such a strong Anti-aging secret? 

To answer that we need to think about our history as human beings. In the beginning all human beings were hunter gatherers. Our ancestors walked about 10 miles a day foraging and hunting for food.  Stress when it arose, was of short intense duration eg. a wild animal charging. When the danger was passed, we went back to our ordinary day. Early human beings lived  a physically active life - one that had short periods of stress.

Spring, Summer and Fall were full of activity and the winters were close to hibernation: slow activity, slow metabolism and using of the stores from the rest of the year.

Compare that to your current situation. You have lots of food available all the time. You do not walk 10 - 20 miles a day. You may not even walk one mile! You have a car or public transportation. You have elevators and escalators. You probably sit at a desk or stand behind a counter. AND unlike your early ancestors, your stress may be close to constant.

There are flashing lights, loud sounds, hundreds even thousands of people. There is TV, the Internet, email, text messages, the telephone and background radio. All these things register in your brain. AND each one is a stressor.

Your body reacts to stress:

Your adrenal glands increase their production of Cortisol (the stress hormone). Cortisol raises blood pressure, changes  respiration and the metabolism of blood sugar. Cortisol also has a negative affect on your brain.

Nothing in the growth and development on the human race has prepared our bodies to deal with  modern civilization with its 18,000 ads a day; its constant movement in our visual field and  the much noise that many of us you can not hear our own body breathing. (Stop. Check it out. Can you hear your breath or is background noise drowning it out?) There was a time and there are still places in the world where people can hear their own breath.

More about Cortisol:

Recent research shows that Cortisol is the reason for 'mid-life memory problems and cognitive decline".  And it could be that you eat and drink quickly. You depend on snacks, alcohol, soda pop or even tobacco to give you an energy boost during your work day. Then you go home and sit.

The human body was not made for such an existence. And there  has not been enough time for the human body to adopt to this life style that has been in existence for less than 150 years. Your body's metabolism, heart and brain are not much different from that of your ancient ancestors.

If you dropped a group of people from 1000 BCE into the modern world, they could not cope. The noise, the blinking lights, the movement of things around would all be too much for them.

Modern research is showing that it is too much for you too. Just when medicine has found a way to combat the diseases that killed our forebears before they reached 50, the changes in our lifestyle are causing us to decay before our time. Diabetes, arthritis, cataracts, creaking joints, poor balance, low muscle tone have become common. You know that these the symptoms of modern aging.

But it does not need to be that way. Henry Lodge M.D a well known internist and gerontologist has used the results of research studies to help person after person reverse the effects of what has been called "normal aging". His work has shown again and again, that there is nothing NORMAL about the way most people age in the developed world.

You may want to read his book, Younger Next Year. It is available at Amazon:

Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy - Until You're 80 and Beyond

What you need to do is recover an ancient secret. Aerobic activity is the key to optimal health and wellness for human beings. That is the Anti-aging secret in a nutshell. Will you give it a try? Your reward will be mind boggling.

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