Anti wrinkle cream

Anti wrinkle cream is an important part of any Anti-aging skin care program. Although Botox treatments many be all the rage for celebrities....and you many even have a friend or two who has undergone the procedure, Botox is expensive and invasive. there are non-invasive alternatives that are far less expensive.

There are several reasons why you can develop face wrinkles as you grow older.

  1. Your body does not make as much collagen as it did when you were young. Collagen is what gives strength and firmness to your skin. So when you have less collagen, your skin can sag. The result is the many small wrinkles we associate with aging.
  2. But some of us have sharp creases or wrinkles in our faces. Sometimes they form a line between the eyebrows or others make parallel lines across your forehead. If you have these lines it is because your muscles have been in habitual contraction. If I frown a lot or raise my eyebrows frequently or squint my eyes often, the affected muscles will eventually be in 'habitual contraction.' The result? A deep line on my face. One of the reasons why Botox injections are used for these kinds of facial lines is that Botox paralyzes your muscle - so the muscle can not contract.....until the injection wears off in a few months. Then the line will appear again and you will want a second Botox treatment..

Other Anti-aging wrinkle treatments

If you do not want to undergo a face lift or get Botox injections into the muscles of your face, you can use an Anti-aging Anti wrinkle cream. These often have an immediate affect. Other creams work more gradually.

  • Creams that hydrate your skin with natural oils often hide or reverse fine lines right away.
  • Other Anti wrinkle cream formulas contain antioxidants which protect skin cells from future damage by free radicals AND they stimulate your skin's production of collagen. NOTE: A study published in Pharm Dev. Technology in 2006 stated that Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is one of the moisturizing and Anti-aging active ingredients.
  • Other Anti wrinkle creams contain Acetyl Hexapeptide 3 (also known as Argireline ). This is an amino-peptide developed specifically to reduce frown lines and crow's feet caused by contracted muscles. Argireline has a muscle relaxing effect. In 2002 the International Journal of cosmetic Science published an article that noted that Acetyl Hexapeptide 3 effectively reduced wrinkle depth up to 30% after just 30 days of treatment

The key to any and all Anti-aging Anti wrinkle cream treatment is actually using the product. Cost does not always relate to effectiveness but use does .

I know that is not what the ads say. But a study done in Sweden published in 2007 gave some remarkable results. In this study women age 35 - 64 participated. One group of women were given a high-priced luxurious anti-wrinkle cream in its original packaging. The second group was given the same cream in a neutral package. The third group was given an ordinary Anti-aging cream but it was put in the same packaging as the very expensive cream.

Evaluation was made by the subjects, by a clinically trained observer, and measurement of skin surface relief by optical profilometry.

RESULTS? Those using jars the cream in the luxury jars consumed more product than participants using the neutral, ordinary jar.

BUT there were no significant differences between the three groups relating to the effects on wrinkles or smoothness, nor in the women's assessment of their 'skin feeling younger or more beautiful'. Facial appearance was the same. Profilometry showed reduced surface micro relief with ALL 3 products. The scientists concluded that each of the Anti-wrinkle creams did the job adequately.

When you are buying a product, pick something that YOU like...and that you will use regularly. (Use is the key, not price.)

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