College Town Retirement

College Town Retirement. The New York Times, Money Magazine and Kipplingers have all featured articles about this new direction in retirement living - retiring to a college or university town.

These town and cities have the vibrancy of youth and the cultural activities of a college or university. Most have good medical facilities; some world class medical training schools. Recently corporations who manage retirement communities have been entering into agreements with universities to allow their retirees to live on or near campus and participate in educational and cultural events.

But as noted in comments on the New York Times blog many retirees find these programs far too expensive. These corporate arrangements are for those who earned six or seven figure incomes and who have excellent retirement benefits.

But all is not lost for those those seeking College Town Retirement. There are hundreds of universities in the United States and even more small colleges. Every institution of higher education changes the atmosphere of its town or city. And anyone looking for College Town Retirement should be able to find an as yet 'undiscovered' town or city that will suit their needs.

Examples of College Town Retirement you might like

Here are 7 College Town Retirement locales that are attractive to retirees. As you read the general descriptions you will be struck by their diversity. And remember there are hundreds more out there - just waiting for you.

Ithaca New York - a place for stimulating retirement.

  • College/University town (Cornell University and Ithaca College)
  • Largest of the Finger Lakes (Lake Cayuga)
  • More than 100 waterfalls and gorges within 10 miles of downtown.
  • Grape growing country - first wine trail in the USA
  • Ithaca Commons - Town Center but no big box stores.

Ithaca is the county seat of Tompkins County, New York. Cornell University and Lake Cayuga dominate the town culture. Of course you DO need to like winter! This is upstate New York. But if cross country skiing, summer boating or university events attract you, do consider visiting and check out Ithaca College .

State College, Pennsylvania - a lively college town in a state that welcomes retirees.

  • Home of Penn State University, a large, diversified college campus
  • Rated one of the safest cities in the United States
  • Surrounded by wooded country and rolling hills.
  • Moderate climate: average July high is 81 while winter January temperatures range from 32 to 18.
  • Many retirees who attended Penn State return. Football is big and traffic on game day 'impossible' but you get great transportation system (for when you no longer drive) good medical facilities, culture and performing arts....and of course Football.

Iowa City, Iowa one of the most literary communities in the United States.

  • Home of University of Iowa which hosts the well known Iowa Writers workshop
  • Iowa City has won many "Best small city" and "most enlightened town" awards
  • 67,000 residents, 28,000 sq. ft senior center, low crime rate
  • Multiple medical facilities: University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics; Mercy Hospital; The Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center is an NCI-designated Cancer Center.
  • COLD winters

More College Town Retirement Places

Tallahassee, Florida state capital and home of two universities

  • Gently rolling hills, Spanish moss, population of 171,000 has Florida State University and Florida A & M.
  • Climate is more like Georgia or South Carolina that Southern Florida.
  • Tallahassee community is diverse, many retirees live outside the city in retirement developments
  • Events include Springtime Tallahassee, the Southern Shakespeare Festival, and a Winter Festival
  • Amtrack stops here and there is a local airport.

Morgantown, West Virginia - affordable especially when compared to popular North Carolina College Towns.

Norman Oklahoma, home of University of Oklahoma.

  • Norman is located just south of Oklahoma City and it features a moderate cost of living AND all the benefits of a University town.
  • Norman retains rail enthusiasm. The town was developed around the Santa Fe Railroad with a passenger depot and as a freight station. Norman became the railway headquarters and has preserved this station for civic use.
  • Norman was recognized as one of the most progressive cities in Oklahoma and its public school system has been recognized as the top school system in the state.
  • The city offers efficient bus transportation so you will not be 'stuck' if you give up driving.

Logan, Utah county seat of Cache County and Home of Utah State University.

  • Logan is a small city; Population: 127,945
  • Beautiful country, real estate prices are attractive to retirees who want the cultural benefits of a university nearby and yet can not afford some of the 'pricier college towns'.
  • There is a low crime rate.
  • Summer average high temperatures are close to 90 degrees and winter average temperatures are between 25 and 35 degrees.
  • Logan hosts the annual "Cache Valley Cruise-In" with an exhibit of special cars and vehicles, concerts, and other activities spanning three days.
  • The University allows retirees to audit courses (except Music, Art, or lab classes) at no cost.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you want College Town Retirement in order to attend classes....and maybe even earn a degree all for free - it is worth checking out thIS list of colleges that offer Free Tuition for those over a certain age (For some it is age 60; for others 62 or 65) Just click on: College Town Retirement - Free tuition states

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